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[Scrapbook of prints]
Scrapbook containing predominantly clipped book and periodical illustrations, including a number of vignettes engraved by W. E. Tucker after the work of Thomas Birch, showing European and American landscapes and landmarks, animal portraiture, and genre and Biblical scenes. Landscape and landmark views mainly depict the Eastern United States and Great Britain. Titles include Passaic Falls; Bandit's Home; The Woodlands, near Philadelphia-Seat of J. Lisle Esq.; Philadelphia from the Elm Tree, Kensington; The Prison at Venice; Abbey Gate of St. Edmundsbury, Suffolk; The Little Irish Girl; The City of Pompeii; The Deluge; The Three Maries at the Tomb of Christ; The Residence of Samuel Breck Esq. on the Schuylkill; Barlborough Hall, Derbyshire; Church Street, St Paul's Church & the Cemetery Gate of St. Augustine's Monastery, Canterbury; The Happy Family; and Plate XV from a 1782 edition of Don Quixote. Several of the views contain persons on foot, images of estates or rural life, farm animals, and modes of transportation on land or sea. Animal portraitures depict birds, sheep, goats, cows, and a wolf. Scrapbook also contains early European landscape lithographs designed by J. Rothmuller and G. Englemann; a lithograph signed with the monogram JPL; illustrated title pages from Oliver Goldsmith's "The Traveler" and William Shenstone's "The School Mistress"; a portrait of Elizabeth Fry; cutouts depicting a tiger and a Moses-like figure; watercolor and gouache drawings of flowers, a butterfly and a ruins; a pressed feather; and three newspaper clippings referring to poets M. LaMartine, Lady Flora Hastings, and Felicia Hemans., Title supplied by cataloger., Label pasted on inside front cover: A. R. Poole, Fancy Stationer, 66 Chestnut St., Philada., Some pages contain paste marks from removed items., Various artists, including T. Doughty, T. Birch, J. V. Barber, P. Dewint, B. K. Fox, L. T. Lee, J. Martin, J. Rothmuller, Charles Barber, Joseph Fussell, R. Westall, G. S. Newton, A. Mosses, B. West, Geo. Shepherd, John Boaden, and Stothard., Various engravers, including W. E. Tucker, W. Miller, C. G. Childs, J. Lybrand, Hall, Charles Pye, Robert Brandard, Mottram, J. W. Steel, J. B. Longacre, E. Smith, J. Neagle, H. Adlard, Hamilton, and William Blake., Various printers and publishers, including Engelmann, Whittaker & Co., Joyce Gold, Pendleton, and Harrison & Co., Cataloging funded by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (PW-506-19-10), 2010-2012., Binding in poor condition., Mary Rebecca Darby Smith (1814-1886) was the daughter of Philadelphia Quakers Hannah Logan Fisher (1777-1846) and James Smith (d. 1826) and great great granddaughter of scholar and William Penn's secretary James Logan. Smith, known as an eccentric, never married and traveled widely from the mid to late 19th century. Between 1859 and 1886, she resided in Washington, D.C (1859-1861) and traveled to Europe (1860-1870; 1874-1876; 1880-1886), including the British Isles, Rome, Venice, Paris and St. Petersburg. She was also an autograph collector, author, poet, and socialite. Smith died and was buried in London in November 1886. Her estate was valued at over $30,000 and she left several bequests, including to the Library Company, Historical Society of Pennsylvania, and friends throughout the East coast of the United States, Europe, and Russia.