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[Scrapbook of portraits]
Scrapbook containing portrait prints and photographs of American and European historical figures, dignitaries, and celebrities, including several images of Queen Victoria. Majority of portraits are cartes de visite depicting full or three-quarter length views, often also showing props, including balustrades, chairs, and backdrops. Sitters include Simon Cameron, Lord Byron, Lord Cranworth, Charlotte Cushman, the young Edward VII, Percy Fitzgerald, Joseph Hew[e]s, John Hogan, James Logan, Frederick Marryat, Michelangelo, D. L. Moody, Napoleon III, Winfield Scott, Rev. Cortlandt Van Rensselaer, Queen Victoria, Sir William Wilde, Lady Wilde, and Lord Wodehouse. Also contains a small number of unidentified portraits; patriotic song sheets illustrated with military leaders of No. 1 and No. 2 Arméee Française, including Felix Douay; and images of statuary, including the sculpture of Alexander Hamilton by Horatio Stone., Title supplied by cataloger., Some items identified by, or contain, manuscript notes by Smith inscribed on mount or verso. Notes often explicate provenance., Various artists, photographers, and engravers including A. Blaikely, D. J. Pound, F. Winterhalter, J. B. Longacre, F. Kearny, A. Bernoud, W. Behnes, O. A. Lawson, J. Horsburgh, M. B. Brady, John Sartain, J. Bonnet, O. W. Wilson, C. Herberth, and Fratelli Alinari., Various printers and publishers including George C. Leighton, John Wanamaker & Co., B. Rogers, Adam Waldie, and Morris pere et fils., Forms part of M. Rebecca Darby Smith Scrapbooks Collection., Cataloging funded by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (PW-506-19-10), 2010-2012.