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The old houses and stores with memorabilia relating to them and my father and grandfather
Memory album compiled by Lewis containing written narratives, photographs, watercolors, textiles, drawings, prints and ephemera documenting his childhood and his lineage and family businesses and residences from the late 18th century to mid 19th century. Specific narrative topics include the provenance of the "Pictures" included in the album; "Memorabilia"; the "Marriage of our Ancestor, 1786. Johann Andreas Philipp Ludwig (i.e., J. A. P. Lewis) and Anna Maria Klingemann"; 'In Memoriam: Johann Andreas Philipp Ludwig' "; the "Memorials of the old Houses, Stores &c.," including deed, plot, architectural, and decor information pertaining to Lewis family residences at 121, i.e., 311 North Fifth Street (1791-1797), 60, i.e., 128 North Fourth Street (1797-1805), 82, i.e., 132 North Second Street (1814-1818), 124, i.e., 264 South Third Street (1818-1824), 148, i.e., 264 South Second Street (1824-1840) and rear storehouse on Laurel Street, and Sixteenth and Walnut streets (1840-1858), and the stores at Walnut and Front streets (1829-1856)., Other narratives describe the yellow fever epidemic of 1793; J. A. P. Lewis's service in the volunteer militia; G. Albert's siblings S. Weir, John A., and Theodore C.; John F. Lewis's successful management of the financial panic of 1828 and his entertaining, including fireworks and "ample supplies of groceries, provisions, wine and liquors" on store; the business practices of the import trade; the conversion of Second Street residences into storefronts; the regrettable disposal of family possessions from the China trade, including card receivers, satins, pearl and ivory seals, artificial flowers, tortoiseshell combs, and silk covered boxes; the childhood of Eliza Mower along the Schuylkill River, her clandestine marriage to Lewis, and her death; John F. Lewis's lucky Mexican dollar; and the childhood and young adult years of G. Albert Lewis, including his "spying" at family parties, Christmas memories, sailing excurisons on the Schuylkill and Delaware rivers, and work for the Lewis firm., Album also contains numerous captioned and dated graphic and ephemeral materials, including watercolors and drawings by G. Albert Lewis, photographic views of family churches, family portraiture, newspaper clippings, certificates, bills of lading, and business and calling cards. Lewis's works depict family crests and coats of arms; sentimentalized genre scenes representing family lore, including J. A. P. Lewis's immigration to American for love; his childhood haunts, Christmas presents, and play areas; exteriors, interiors, grounds and gardens of the family residences and storefronts, including parlors, front rooms, gates, a weather vane designed as a cavalryman on the Walnut Street stable, dormer window (Second Street residence), store house on Laurel Street, and stores on Front and Walnut street; ground plans of Lewis residences (264 S. Second and Walnut Street); the "Great Tree" (South Second Street property); and Chinese exports and china patterns. Photographs depict family portraits of Johann Andreas Philipp and Anna Maria Lewis, John F. and Eliza Lewis, and G. Albert and Anne C. Lewis; the Lewis cargo ship "Globe," family churches and residences, including the altar of St. John's Lutheran Church, Crailsheim (J.A.P. Lewis's baptismal font) and St. Michael's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Swedes Church, (Gloria Dei), and St. Johns Evangelical Lutheran Church (Philadelphia), and the final residence of Eliza Lewis at 1927 Spruce Street; and family artifacts, furniture, and mementoes, including Ludwig's sword and secretary and John F. Lewis's lucky Mexican dollar. Also contains engraved portraits of Frederick the Great and pictorial details by Lewis incorporated at the end of narratives and as frames around portraits., Ephemera includes certificates, bills of lading, and calling cards (including in Chinese) related to the Lewis firms; G. Albert's share certificate in the Philadelphia Museum Company; photomechanical and chromolithographed genre prints; an engraving sample possibly by James Otto Lewis; newspaper clippings, including advertisements and announcement for the Lewis firms, family obituaries, and poems; manuscript "endorsements on notes received, but protested for non-payment" by Weir, Lewis & Co. and family signatures, including that of Eliza Lewis; and textile swatches from Chinese curios, wall paper, and upholstery. Family trees and a chronology of the Lewis firm (until 1828) also form the content., Floral border in watercolor on title page. Border also includes pictorial details showing a sailing ship and Chinese character., Wm. F. Murphy's Sons, Co. Makers stamped on spine., Red leather binding with gold lettering., Dedication: "Dedicated to the Memory of my dear Mother who made the homes of my childhood most lovely and so beautiful!" Surrounded by watercolor frame reading "Haec Olim Meminisse Juvabit Virgo," i.e., "This will help you remember once upon a time.", Gift of Oliver Allen., Cataloging funded by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (PW-506-19-10), 2010-2012., Transcription and inventory available at repository., See Sarah Weatherwax, "The Lewis Albums," The Magazine Antiques (August 2006), 116-121., See Oliver H. Allen, "The Lewis Albums," American Heritage 14 (December 1962), 65-80., One of six Lewis Family albums held in the Print Department., Housed in clamshell box., George Albert Lewis, son of Philadelphia China trade merchant John F. Lewis (1791-1858) of John A. Lewis & Co. and Eliza Mower (1788-1885), was a banker, genealogist, and artist descended from Hessian solder and Philadelphia Prothonotary Johann A. P. Lewis [formerly Ludewig]. Lewis studied art with G. W. Holmes, frequently exhibited at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and Artist's Fund Society, and was a member of several organizations, including the Numismatic & Antiquarian Society of Philadelphia, Genealogical Society of Philadelphia, and the Library Company. He married Anne C. Larcombe on July 1, 1851 and with her had two children Alberta (1854-1934) and Hermann (b. 1863) and grandchildren Hildegarde Allen (b. 1885), editor and publisher Frederick Lewis Allen (1890-1954), Barbara Lewis [Shepperd] (b. 1885), Margaret Lewis [Browne] (b. 1886), and George Draper Lewis (b. 1888).