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[Plate 8 and advertisements from Rae's Philadelphia pictorial directory & panoramic advertiser. Chestnut Street, from Second to Tenth Streets]
Plate depicts the 500 block of Chestnut Street (168-199 pre-consolidation). South side includes Congress Hall, the State House, and City Hall. North side includes E. B. Mears, Stereotyper, W.B. Gihon, Engraver on Wood, and W. T. Parker, Saloon (199); J. W. Moore, Importer and Bookseller (193); William J. Kerr, China Hall and French Ware House (191); [Isaac] Newton's Confectionery (187); American Hotel tenanted by L. & B. Orne, importers of carpets and operated by Ambrose L. White (181-183); Richard. Successor M.P. Simons, Daguerreotypist and Swift & Justice, Tailors (179);wigmaker Richard Dollard (177); Geo. J. Henkels, City Cabinet Wareroom (175); A. Brett's Lithographic Establishment, Oscar C. B. Carter, Piano Fortes, Safford & Cookmann Curtain Warehouse, Thomas J. Natt & Co.'s Looking Glass Warehouse, and Polytechnic Lecture Rooms, F. Langenheim Manager (171). Also shows sides of buildings on Fifth and Sixth streets and signage above the subsidiary entrances to the State House. Signs read Orphan's Court Clerk's Office; Recorder of Deeds Office; Court of Common Pleas; Register of Wills; Prothonotory Off., Supreme Court, Eastern District; Prothonotary's Office; Sheriff's Office, County Commiss's. Office; Prothonotary District Court; and Quarter Sessions Clerk's Office., Advertisements promote fifteen of the businesses depicted and Watson & Cox, Sieve, Riddle, Screen and Wire Cloth Manufacturers, No. 46 North Front St. (half-page) and Yerger & Ord, Patentees and Manufacturers of the Metallic Skeleton Artificial Leg, Ankle Supporter, and Improved Anatomical Machinery (half-page). Half-page advertisements contain several lines of text, as well as a cameo stamp illustration showing the Watson & Cox manufactory and a wood engraving showing a metallic artificial leg. Yerger & Old advertisement also cautions about a competitor circulating "a petty species of slander." Most of the smaller advertisements include several lines of promotional text and ornamented type. Langenheim's cites the admittance fee of "25 Cts."; Newton's notes that "he has taken" the confectionery of the late Mrs. Wood; Kerr's promotes his China Hall as the largest in the Unitd States; and Parker's Saloon advertises "All the Luxuries of the different season constantly kept. Games, Fish, Oysters, &c. My Liquors, Wines & Segars are selected with care and attention, the best always purchased without regard to Cost.", Title supplied by cataloger., Cataloging funded by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (PW-506-19-10), 2010-2012., Folder 9., LCP also holds trimmed duplicate depicting North side [P.2008.34.16.3].