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[Philadelphia Inquirer art supplements]
Series of art supplements depicting genre, historical and allegorical scenes, landscapes, portraiture, and character studies. Includes "Aurora" showing a female fairy figure; "The Pilot" portrait of a sea captain; "The Partners" showing a girl and boy with a broom and shovel; "Tambourine Girl"; "Playmates" of a girl and a cat; "Deep Sea Fisherman"; "Night of the Ball" depicting an exterior view of a palatial estate with an inset showing a fancily-attired young lady; "One of the Four Hundred" showing a boy costumed as a vagabond; "By the Sea" showing an African American seaman; an older man reading "Fairy Tales" to a young girl; "Sheik of the Desert"; "A Lively Scrimmage" during a football game; a dog inspecting "Five O'Clock Tea"; a clergyman having "A Disappointing Luncheon"; a view "Off the Belgium Coast near Ostend"; "Spring" and fall landscapes; "Does You Mother Know You're Out" depicting a little girl with a newly hatched chick; "Napoleon and the Old Guard"; "Wellington and His Soldiers"; a couple on "A Honeymoon at Niagara"; and a lady portrayed fancifully "Among the Roses.", Title supplied by cataloger., Various artists, including M. Duboy, C.L. Van Vredenburgh, Charles P. Gruppe, A. I. Keller, and W. Merritt Post., Various printers, including Forbes Lithograph Manufacturing Company; Leopold Gast & Brother; Julius Bien & Co.; Donaldson Bros.; Ketterlinus; and J. Ottmann., Two of prints designed to stand as display cards., Originally part of Specimens Album [P.9349]., Cataloging funded by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (PW-506-19-10), 2010-2012., Added to African Americana Digital Collection through a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services as administered by the Pennsylvania Department of Education through the Office of the Commonwealth Libraries, and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Tom Corbett, Governor, 2013-2014.