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[Scrapbook of European views]
Scrapbook containing photographic and printed views of European cities, landmarks, and historical sites. Images depict the city and landscapes; castles, palaces, and estates; cathedrals and chuches; and hotels and resorts of Germany, Russia, Spain, Austria, France, Italy, Switzerland, and Great Britain. Images also show bridges, sailing vessels, pedestrians and street traffic, persons on promenades, horse-drawn vehicles, waterways, mountains, and squares and parks. Views (interiors and exteriors) of prominent sites include Vienna Arsenal (as a museum - 1874); Crucis and Netley Abbeys; Chester Cathedral; Staffordshire-in-Arms; the resting place and residence of Wordsworth; tomb of the Lafayette family; the house and bedroom where Msr. Le Duc D'Orleans died; Ripon Cathedral; Haddon Hall; the Crescent (Buxton); Shangana Castle (includes notes by Smith about her "happy days" spent there and the death of Augustus William Heyman); and Peveril Castle. Also includes several Laurie & Whittle vues d'optique published by "act of parliament May 12, 1794" depicting views of European cities, including Venice, Rome, Madrid, Paris and Versailles, as well as a number of plates from F. Sinnett's "La France de nos jours" (ca. 1860). Views of the Wilhelm monuments at Charlottenberg; Derwentwater; Lausanne; and the Druid Stones are also included in the scrapbook., Title supplied by cataloger., Some items contain manuscript notes by Smith inscribed on mount or verso. Notes often detail personal memories., Various artists and photographers, including Alfred Lorens, G. Zocchi, Anth. Canale (Canaletto), M. Marieschi, J. Rigaud, J. Philippe, Asselineau, Chapuy, Wegelin, E. Dardoize, L. L. Raze, E. H. Buckler, T. Bailey, G. Hawkins, J. Croston, T. Allom, H. Gastineau, J. Brandard, W. Coles; L. Aspland, and W. Westall., Various engravers, including T. Bowles, Parr, J. Robert, J. Tinney, Johann Baptist Marie Chamouin, T. Speorli, S. Lacey, W. Le Petit, H. Adlard, W. Floyd, and W. Banks., Various printers and publishers, including Cuvillier, Lemercier, Laurie & Whittle, A. Hauser (Veith et Hauser), Destouches, Deroy, Bulla Freres et Jouy, Tirpenne, Jacottet, Spengler, Becquet frères, William Judson, A. LaRiviere, Day & Son, J. Gow, J. C. Bates, Newman & Co., James Gratton, and M & N. Hanhart., Forms part of M. Rebecca Darby Smith Scrapbooks Collection., Cataloging funded by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (PW-506-19-10), 2010-2012.

[Scrapbook of portraits]
Scrapbook containing portrait prints and photographs of American and European historical figures, dignitaries, and celebrities, including several images of Queen Victoria. Majority of portraits are cartes de visite depicting full or three-quarter length views, often also showing props, including balustrades, chairs, and backdrops. Sitters include Simon Cameron, Lord Byron, Lord Cranworth, Charlotte Cushman, the young Edward VII, Percy Fitzgerald, Joseph Hew[e]s, John Hogan, James Logan, Frederick Marryat, Michelangelo, D. L. Moody, Napoleon III, Winfield Scott, Rev. Cortlandt Van Rensselaer, Queen Victoria, Sir William Wilde, Lady Wilde, and Lord Wodehouse. Also contains a small number of unidentified portraits; patriotic song sheets illustrated with military leaders of No. 1 and No. 2 Arméee Française, including Felix Douay; and images of statuary, including the sculpture of Alexander Hamilton by Horatio Stone., Title supplied by cataloger., Some items identified by, or contain, manuscript notes by Smith inscribed on mount or verso. Notes often explicate provenance., Various artists, photographers, and engravers including A. Blaikely, D. J. Pound, F. Winterhalter, J. B. Longacre, F. Kearny, A. Bernoud, W. Behnes, O. A. Lawson, J. Horsburgh, M. B. Brady, John Sartain, J. Bonnet, O. W. Wilson, C. Herberth, and Fratelli Alinari., Various printers and publishers including George C. Leighton, John Wanamaker & Co., B. Rogers, Adam Waldie, and Morris pere et fils., Forms part of M. Rebecca Darby Smith Scrapbooks Collection., Cataloging funded by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (PW-506-19-10), 2010-2012.

[Scrapbook of prints]
Scrapbook containing predominantly clipped book and periodical illustrations, including a number of vignettes engraved by W. E. Tucker after the work of Thomas Birch, showing European and American landscapes and landmarks, animal portraiture, and genre and Biblical scenes. Landscape and landmark views mainly depict the Eastern United States and Great Britain. Titles include Passaic Falls; Bandit's Home; The Woodlands, near Philadelphia-Seat of J. Lisle Esq.; Philadelphia from the Elm Tree, Kensington; The Prison at Venice; Abbey Gate of St. Edmundsbury, Suffolk; The Little Irish Girl; The City of Pompeii; The Deluge; The Three Maries at the Tomb of Christ; The Residence of Samuel Breck Esq. on the Schuylkill; Barlborough Hall, Derbyshire; Church Street, St Paul's Church & the Cemetery Gate of St. Augustine's Monastery, Canterbury; The Happy Family; and Plate XV from a 1782 edition of Don Quixote. Several of the views contain persons on foot, images of estates or rural life, farm animals, and modes of transportation on land or sea. Animal portraitures depict birds, sheep, goats, cows, and a wolf. Scrapbook also contains early European landscape lithographs designed by J. Rothmuller and G. Englemann; a lithograph signed with the monogram JPL; illustrated title pages from Oliver Goldsmith's "The Traveler" and William Shenstone's "The School Mistress"; a portrait of Elizabeth Fry; cutouts depicting a tiger and a Moses-like figure; watercolor and gouache drawings of flowers, a butterfly and a ruins; a pressed feather; and three newspaper clippings referring to poets M. LaMartine, Lady Flora Hastings, and Felicia Hemans., Title supplied by cataloger., Label pasted on inside front cover: A. R. Poole, Fancy Stationer, 66 Chestnut St., Philada., Some pages contain paste marks from removed items., Various artists, including T. Doughty, T. Birch, J. V. Barber, P. Dewint, B. K. Fox, L. T. Lee, J. Martin, J. Rothmuller, Charles Barber, Joseph Fussell, R. Westall, G. S. Newton, A. Mosses, B. West, Geo. Shepherd, John Boaden, and Stothard., Various engravers, including W. E. Tucker, W. Miller, C. G. Childs, J. Lybrand, Hall, Charles Pye, Robert Brandard, Mottram, J. W. Steel, J. B. Longacre, E. Smith, J. Neagle, H. Adlard, Hamilton, and William Blake., Various printers and publishers, including Engelmann, Whittaker & Co., Joyce Gold, Pendleton, and Harrison & Co., Cataloging funded by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (PW-506-19-10), 2010-2012., Binding in poor condition., Mary Rebecca Darby Smith (1814-1886) was the daughter of Philadelphia Quakers Hannah Logan Fisher (1777-1846) and James Smith (d. 1826) and great great granddaughter of scholar and William Penn's secretary James Logan. Smith, known as an eccentric, never married and traveled widely from the mid to late 19th century. Between 1859 and 1886, she resided in Washington, D.C (1859-1861) and traveled to Europe (1860-1870; 1874-1876; 1880-1886), including the British Isles, Rome, Venice, Paris and St. Petersburg. She was also an autograph collector, author, poet, and socialite. Smith died and was buried in London in November 1886. Her estate was valued at over $30,000 and she left several bequests, including to the Library Company, Historical Society of Pennsylvania, and friends throughout the East coast of the United States, Europe, and Russia.

[Scrapbook of prints and clippings]
Scrapbook containing primarily clipped book and periodical illustrations, as well as newspaper clippings from the 1820s to circa 1840. Illustrations predominantly depict portraits of prominent figures, including Capt. Nicholas Biddle and Gen. Anthony Wayne; landscapes, including Fairmount Water Works, Paris, and Italy; European dwellings; and genre, sentimental, and allegorical scenes, including depictions of children with animals, scenes of courtship, amusement, and solemnity; literary allusions; and a "Hen Humming Bird with her Nest of Eggs." Clippings, a number from the National Gazette, contain poems, parables, obituaries, biographical sketches, and literary references. Other topics include advice to save costs from the hardship of winter in Philadelphia, including lessening wages for servants and purchasing less butter at market; the importance of medical testimony; and a positive review of the recitation of a George A. Boker poem of war by Smith. Scrapbook also contains a silhouette of a soldier on horseback and tipped-in printed works, including the program for the wedding of Queen Victoria in 1840; ca. 1887 trade cards for the Au Bon Marche Paris department store; the 1857 illustrated songsheet "Come Whoam To thi Childer An Me"; and an 1845 newspaper clipping of an excerpt of "The Diary of a Young Mother" by Lady Willoughby, Title supplied by cataloger., Pasted on first page: Illustrated title page of edition of "Ladies Album. Published by R. De Silver, No. 110 Walnut Street, Philadelphia. Illustration shows a young man playing a trumpet near a young woman reading, with her dog, along a riverbank., Manuscript notes in blue ink on first page: Rebecca D. Smith; The Injured and Persecuted One., Few pages contain paste marks from removed items., Various artists, including T. Birch, John Trumbull, F. Nash, C. Fielding, W. Brockedon, Strickland, J. C., T. Doughty; B. K. Fox, W. G. Wall, W. D. Fellows, and Richd. R. Smith., Various engravers, including P. Kearny, J. Warr, Jr., Edwin, C. G. Childs, Leney, Fairman & Childs, Tiebout, Porlier, G.B. Ellis, W. Woodruff, J. Lybrand, Peter Maverick, J. Hill, and Langton., Various printers and publishers, including Edwd. Parker, William Allen, F. Kearny, and Testu & Massin., Cataloging funded by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (PW-506-19-10), 2010-2012., Binding in poor condition.