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Scrapbook containing primarily engraved gift book and periodical illustrations issued between circa 1832 and 1868 from American and British publications, including "Columbian Lady's and Gentlemen's Magazine"; "Godey's Lady's Book"; "Ladies Companion"; "New Mirror"; and "Sartain's Magazine." Illustrations, several engraved by A. L. Dick, predominantly depict sentimental, romantic, religious, genre and allegorical views and often include children and animals. Titles include "The Draught Players"; "The Lovers"; "The Philosopher & His Kite" (showing Benjamin Franklin); "They sold Joseph to the Ishmeelites [sic] for twenty pieces of silver; "Lake See Hoo and Temple of the Thundering Winds from the Vale of tombs"; "Schuylkill Water Works"; "Luther on Christmas Eve"; "Farmers Nooning," including an African American farm hand; "Cup-tossing" (reading of tea leaves); "The Opera Box"; and "The Village School." Portrait prints, including an image of Jenny Lind, and a few architectural design prints also encompass the illustrations., Also contains chromolithographs and the illustrated title page from Henry Harbaugh's "Birds of the Bible" (1854) and many tinted lithographs printed by Ackerman from "Reports of Explorations and surveys,...for a railroad from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean (1855-1861); several photographic reproductions of fine art paintings showing genre views, landscapes, and marinescapes, including the work of J. S. Fenimore; George C. Lambdin; Edward and Thomas Moran, W. T. Richards, Samuel Sartain, Christian Schussele, N. H. Trotter, and S. B. Waugh; and photographs of a paddle boat near the Fairmount Water Works and views of the Wissahickon. Some pages also include embossed and color vignettes of birds, flower vases, and flowers. Other lithographs and chromolithographs depict sentimental and religious views, including a baby "hatching" from a flower and the T. Sinclair religious tableauxes "Pontius Pilatus" and "Manoah's Sacrifice"., Probably compiled by Mrs. H. Godley., Title from stamp on the leather spine., Inserts: Envelope inscribed "Mrs. H. Godley, 1725 Vine St." and engraved portraits of "Robert Moffat" and "Girl in a Florentine Costume of A.D. 1500." "Girl" print includes amateur pencil alterations., Various artists, engravers, lithographers, and printers including Ackerman; W. Allan; T. Allom; W. H. Bartlett; W. Bennett; J. Burnet; J. G. Chapman; A. L. Dick; T. Doney; Durand & Co.; J. B. Forrest; A. W. Graham; Charles Heath; J. R. Herbert; J. B. Longacre; J. Neale; E. T. Parris; Nicolas Poussin: Rawdon, Wright, Hatch & Smillie; Rice & Buttre; H. S. Sadd; John Sartain; Eliza Sharp; Thomas Sinclair; and Benjamin Franklin Waitt., Various publishers, including American Sunday-School Union; Henry F. Annears; L.A. Godey; and Hurst, Chance & Co., Cataloging funded by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (PW-506-19-10), 2010-2012., Added to African Americana Digital Collection through a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services as administered by the Pennsylvania Department of Education through the Office of the Commonwealth Libraries, and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Tom Corbett, Governor, 2013-2014.

[Scrapbook of European views]
Scrapbook containing photographic and printed views of European cities, landmarks, and historical sites. Images depict the city and landscapes; castles, palaces, and estates; cathedrals and chuches; and hotels and resorts of Germany, Russia, Spain, Austria, France, Italy, Switzerland, and Great Britain. Images also show bridges, sailing vessels, pedestrians and street traffic, persons on promenades, horse-drawn vehicles, waterways, mountains, and squares and parks. Views (interiors and exteriors) of prominent sites include Vienna Arsenal (as a museum - 1874); Crucis and Netley Abbeys; Chester Cathedral; Staffordshire-in-Arms; the resting place and residence of Wordsworth; tomb of the Lafayette family; the house and bedroom where Msr. Le Duc D'Orleans died; Ripon Cathedral; Haddon Hall; the Crescent (Buxton); Shangana Castle (includes notes by Smith about her "happy days" spent there and the death of Augustus William Heyman); and Peveril Castle. Also includes several Laurie & Whittle vues d'optique published by "act of parliament May 12, 1794" depicting views of European cities, including Venice, Rome, Madrid, Paris and Versailles, as well as a number of plates from F. Sinnett's "La France de nos jours" (ca. 1860). Views of the Wilhelm monuments at Charlottenberg; Derwentwater; Lausanne; and the Druid Stones are also included in the scrapbook., Title supplied by cataloger., Some items contain manuscript notes by Smith inscribed on mount or verso. Notes often detail personal memories., Various artists and photographers, including Alfred Lorens, G. Zocchi, Anth. Canale (Canaletto), M. Marieschi, J. Rigaud, J. Philippe, Asselineau, Chapuy, Wegelin, E. Dardoize, L. L. Raze, E. H. Buckler, T. Bailey, G. Hawkins, J. Croston, T. Allom, H. Gastineau, J. Brandard, W. Coles; L. Aspland, and W. Westall., Various engravers, including T. Bowles, Parr, J. Robert, J. Tinney, Johann Baptist Marie Chamouin, T. Speorli, S. Lacey, W. Le Petit, H. Adlard, W. Floyd, and W. Banks., Various printers and publishers, including Cuvillier, Lemercier, Laurie & Whittle, A. Hauser (Veith et Hauser), Destouches, Deroy, Bulla Freres et Jouy, Tirpenne, Jacottet, Spengler, Becquet frères, William Judson, A. LaRiviere, Day & Son, J. Gow, J. C. Bates, Newman & Co., James Gratton, and M & N. Hanhart., Forms part of M. Rebecca Darby Smith Scrapbooks Collection., Cataloging funded by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (PW-506-19-10), 2010-2012.