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The first steamboat on the Missouri.
Album page with pre-printed lithographic border containing a drawing and unattributed poem about the first steamboat on the Missouri from the 1838 edition of "The Token and Atlantic Souvenir." Drawing after Joseph Andrew's engraving of the work by painter John Gadsby Chapman depicts two Native Americans on a rock, one seated, looking forlorn, and the other standing with arms raised in anguish, watching a steamboat in the distance. Poem, "The Indian's Farewell to the Missouri, on seeing the First Steamboat on its Waters," addresses the power of the white man and the steamboat as a harbinger of his usurpation of Native American territories., LCP exhibit catalogue: African American Miscellany p. 45., Douglass, an African American artist and early photographer, was an active member of the Philadelphia anti-slavery and civil rights movement.