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[Scrapbook of prints and clippings]
Scrapbook containing primarily clipped book and periodical illustrations, as well as newspaper clippings from the 1820s to circa 1840. Illustrations predominantly depict portraits of prominent figures, including Capt. Nicholas Biddle and Gen. Anthony Wayne; landscapes, including Fairmount Water Works, Paris, and Italy; European dwellings; and genre, sentimental, and allegorical scenes, including depictions of children with animals, scenes of courtship, amusement, and solemnity; literary allusions; and a "Hen Humming Bird with her Nest of Eggs." Clippings, a number from the National Gazette, contain poems, parables, obituaries, biographical sketches, and literary references. Other topics include advice to save costs from the hardship of winter in Philadelphia, including lessening wages for servants and purchasing less butter at market; the importance of medical testimony; and a positive review of the recitation of a George A. Boker poem of war by Smith. Scrapbook also contains a silhouette of a soldier on horseback and tipped-in printed works, including the program for the wedding of Queen Victoria in 1840; ca. 1887 trade cards for the Au Bon Marche Paris department store; the 1857 illustrated songsheet "Come Whoam To thi Childer An Me"; and an 1845 newspaper clipping of an excerpt of "The Diary of a Young Mother" by Lady Willoughby, Title supplied by cataloger., Pasted on first page: Illustrated title page of edition of "Ladies Album. Published by R. De Silver, No. 110 Walnut Street, Philadelphia. Illustration shows a young man playing a trumpet near a young woman reading, with her dog, along a riverbank., Manuscript notes in blue ink on first page: Rebecca D. Smith; The Injured and Persecuted One., Few pages contain paste marks from removed items., Various artists, including T. Birch, John Trumbull, F. Nash, C. Fielding, W. Brockedon, Strickland, J. C., T. Doughty; B. K. Fox, W. G. Wall, W. D. Fellows, and Richd. R. Smith., Various engravers, including P. Kearny, J. Warr, Jr., Edwin, C. G. Childs, Leney, Fairman & Childs, Tiebout, Porlier, G.B. Ellis, W. Woodruff, J. Lybrand, Peter Maverick, J. Hill, and Langton., Various printers and publishers, including Edwd. Parker, William Allen, F. Kearny, and Testu & Massin., Cataloging funded by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (PW-506-19-10), 2010-2012., Binding in poor condition.