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Library Company of Philadelphia scrapbook
Scrapbook containing newspaper clippings, photographs, ephemera and prints predominantly issued between the 1930s and 1970s documenting exhibitions, loans, collections, events and the history of the Library Company. Clippings include newspaper articles about a loan of American political cartoons to the Toledo Museum (1936); exhibitions commemorating the centenary of librettist W.S. Gilbert (1936); the tercentenary of Swedish Settlement (1938); and the library's Afro-Americana collection (1971). Columns also describe the presentation of the Christopher Sower library (1909); the return in 1876 of a book 99 years overdue since the American Revolution (1938); the demolition of the library's Juniper and Locust streets building for a parking lot (1939); and the vandalism of the former Ridgway Building at 901-933 Broad Street (1969). Photographs predominantly depict the exteriors and reading rooms of the library buildings at Fifth and Library Streets, Juniper and Locust Streets, and Broad Street (Ridgway Building). Other photographs include a series of views from the 1939 unveiling ceremony of the James Logan memorial (to be erected in Fairmount Park) on the steps of the Ridgway Branch. Ephemera includes invitations (several from The Women's Committee), brochures, catalogs, announcements and placards related to library events; bulletins and pamphlets describing collections; dues notices and book plates; the variant 1884 and 1906 "Rules of the Library Company"; an off-print of the 1882 Louise Stockton entry in "A Sylvan City..." about "The Old Philadelphia Library"; and a 1961 citation from the city recognizing the library as a "Philadelphia first.", Cut outs of the seal and motto of Library Company from bookplate pasted on title page., Some contents annotated with dates and typewritten descriptions., Several loose photographs removed and rehoused as Library Company of Philadelphia Scrapbook Photographs Collection. Contains a ca. 1865 portrait of library donor John A. McAllister misidentified as librarian Lloyd P. Smith, a ca. 1935 portrait of librarian George Abbot, and interior and exterior views of the library buildings, including artifacts, at Fifth and Library Streets, Juniper and Locust Streets, and Broad Street (Ridgway Building)., Cataloging funded by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (PW-506-19-10), 2010-2012., Typewritten index inserted in volume., The Library Company of Philadelphia, America's first successful lending library and oldest cultural institution, was founded in 1731 by Benjamin Franklin as a subscription library supported by its shareholders. Until the 1850s it was the largest public library in America. It was transformed into a research library in the 1950s.

[Scrapbook of ephemera]
Scrapbook containing tickets, invitations, textile and perfume labels, tokens, and trade cards, primarily issued in Philadelphia. Contents include images of buildings, genre scenes, and allegorical figures. Many of the items also include ornate borders. Materials document University of Pennsylvania medical department courses; a picnic at Mr. John F. Parke’s Grove (1853); Pennsylvania Horticultural Society events, including admittance for a "Lady to the Stated Meetings", bazaars, and Christmas Eve party; the Baltimore Assemblies; admittance to the Great Central Fair (1864) and Hillebrand & Lewis Gymnastic Institute; Mr. & Mrs. John A. McAllister Wooden Wedding (1861-1866); and a shooting match at glass balls at Union Hotel (1881). Scrapbook also contains advertising souvenirs from the Centennial Exhibition (1876); trade cards for Pennsylvania and Atlantic coast businesses; a calling card for Joseph E. Francis annotated with ink sketched figures; landscape views with a fishing scene, and a locomotive; receipts issued for pew rent to St. Paul’s Church, membership to the Athenaeum, and fines owed to the Library Company (1848); and an illustrated check for the Hibernian Society, billhead for T. Sharpless & Sons, and advertisement for [Edwin S.] Johnston’s New Self Locking Clock Spring Shade Roller., Other Philadelphia businesses represented include S.A. Hagner, saddle harness and trunk manufactory; John Dorff, silver plater and gilder; Sheble, Smith & Co., successors to R.L. Barnes, map publishers and mounters; Godey’s Lady’s Book Publishing Company; Geo. J. Burns, printer; Smith & Co. Globe Bazaar auction house; Johnson & Smith, type founders (formerly Binney & Ronaldson); and John H. Brown & Co., dry goods. Non-Philadelphia businesses include Cataract House (Niagara Falls); Globe Hotel (New York); Wilmington Boarding School for Girls (Samuel Hilles); Ash’s Patent Five Slit United States Government Pen; E. Kenny, architect (Brooklyn); Works of P. & F. Corbin (New Britain, Ct.); T. H. Pollock, organ builder and David B. Prosser, saddles and harness (Richmond); M'Neal & Siegert, jeweler; and Gray & Bail, furniture., Red cloth binding, stamped in gilt on cover: Photographs., Some tickets signed by Joseph Leidy, University of Pennsylvania., Some contents inscribed with name of recipient or holder. Recipients and holders include W. J. (John) Holmes; James J. Magee, possibly James Magee, President of Westmoreland Coal Co. who previously worked at Binney & Ronaldson; John Matthews; T. J. Nichols & lady; [H.?]J. Sharpless; and J. C. Stewart., Engravers and printers include Brown (Ledger Building), J. H. Camp, Illman & Sons, Geddes, M. & V. Harrison, J. Lea, W. Eaves, Major & Knapp, and Van Slyck & Co., Cataloging funded by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (PW-506-19-10), 2010-2012., Housed in phase box.