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Rae's Philadelphia pictorial directory & panoramic advertiser. Chestnut Street, from Second to Tenth Streets.
Folio volume of panoramic views of businesses on the 200-900 blocks of Chestnut Street and corresponding pages of advertisements. Also contains a preface, which details that inclusion in the directory required subscription to or purchase of the volume; the intention to "issue the Panoramic View annually"; and the publisher's endeavor to correct all lettering errors "upon the publication of the second edition." Volume also includes interspersed full-, half- and, one-third-page advertisements for business subscribers tenanting, as well as not located on Chestnut Street. Publisher issued only the 1851 directory., Predominantly depicted and promoted businesses include carpet dealers; confectioneries; daguerreotypists; druggists and patent medicine dealers; engravers, printers, and publishers; hotels; jewelers; millineries and clothiers; musical instrument dealers; and tailors. Plates also show the State House, Congress Hall, City Hall, Barnum's Museum, and residences. Full-, half- and one-third page advertisements advertise a variety of businesses, including patent medicines, artificial limbs, essence of coffee, marble manufacturers, and printers and publishers. Majority of advertisements contain ornamented type and lines of advertising text. Several also contain wood-engraved pictorial details. Some panoramic views contain pasted-on details representing signage., Cover printed in gilt on blue paper and contains an ornamental border., Engravers and printers include C. C. Hooker and Henry A. Brown., Cataloging funded by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (PW-506-19-10), 2010-2012., Housed in phase box., See also albums - Rae [P.2008.34.16] and Rae - Chestnut Street [1322.F] loose prints.