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[Checks, bank notes, billheads, and receipts specimens]
Series of checks, bank notes, billheads, and receipts, containing allegorical and patriotic vignettes and ornate pictorial details. Vignettes depict allegorical female figures, including Liberty, Hope, Justice, and Bounty; animals, including the American eagle, a dog protecting a safe, and bucks; and patriotic figures, including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Ulysses Grant. Other vignettes depict a view of a traveling locomotive; the seal of Pennsylvania; and views of harvested produce and grains. Businesses represented include A. Exton & Co., cracker manufacturers; Heywood, Kilburn & Co., chair and cottage furniture dealers; West Branch National Bank; Perry County Bank; Reed & Schell, bankers; First National Bank of Sunbury; and Jefferson Savings Institute., Title supplied by cataloger., Several of series printed in color ink, including blue, green, tan, and violet., Print P.9399.390 inscribed to John Mayer for $23.00 three months after date [illegible]. 24 Feb. H five. Feb 23rd., Various printers, including Ehrgott & Fobriger; Lehman & Bolton; Theodore Leonhardt; Wm. F. Murphy's Sons (& Sons); and Paul & Lindsay., Originally part of Specimen Album [P.9349]., Cataloging funded by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (PW-506-19-10), 2010-2012.

[Label specimens]
Series of labels, primarily textile (wool, silk, mohair), containing allegorical, patriotic, and nationalistic vignettes and pictorial details. Vignettes and details depict Vice Admiral Cuthbert Collingwood, coats of arms, the female allegorical figure of Columbia, and a view of a flock of sheep among a grove of trees. Brands represented include Bradford Make, Collingwood Brand, Favorite Ottoman Reversible, Lady Washington, and Royal Shawl., Title supplied by cataloger., Print P.9399.285 stamped on recto: Wm. S. Skinner. David M. Test., Originally part of Specimens Album [P.9349]., Cataloging funded by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (PW-506-19-10), 2010-2012.

[Scrapbook with periodical illustrations, comic valentines, and patent medicine advertisements]
Eccentrically-arranged scrapbook predominantly containing newspaper clippings, patent medicine almanac advertisements, and comic valentines. Also contains scraps, trade cards, and labels. Clippings, many published in the sensational periodicals “National Police Gazette” and “Days' Doings” primarily depict illustrations of murders and violence, crimes and punishments, human curiosities, animal attacks, human peril, women in distress, evocative theatrical performances, acts of daring, cross dressing and comic scenes in silhouette. Illustrations include H. P. Peer's 1879 jump from the Niagara Falls bridge and a fight between the elephant "Bolivar" and a camel in Van Amburgh's menagerie. Patent medicine advertisements primarily promote the products of Barker's Horse, Cattle, and Poultry Powder; C. I. Hood's Sarsaparilla; Dr. Morse's Indian Root Pill; and E. S. Well's Rough on Rats. Valentines satirize various professions and gender and ethnic stereotypes, including a cook, music teacher, machinist, hatter, seamstress, “French nurse –(from Ireland)”; “novel reader,” “prudish young woman,” and “an old bore.” Also contains some sentimental and genre imagery, including mothers and children, children playing, and pets; landscape and cityscape illustrations; African American caricatures; Tobin trade cards depicting comical views of baseball players; an advertisement for The Electric Era/ German Electric Belt Agency (Brooklyn, N.Y.); Dalziel Brother illustrations of scenes from popular Charles Dickens novels like “Nicholas Nickleby”; chromoxylograph illustration from Aunt Matilda series “The Little Deserter” (McLoughlin Bros., ca. 1869); illustrated children's book covers; and a finely-designed chromolithographic advertisement depicting allegorical figures, flowers, and produce to promote gardens (Lowell, Mass.)., Small number of pages contain hand-coloring., Also originally included tucked-in partial editions of N.Y. newspapers issued in 1890. Issues housed in mylar and with scrapbook., Scrap depicting two racing horses and their jockeys pasted on back cover., Housed in phase box.

[Trade cards for Ehrgott, Fobriger & Co.]
Series of illustrated trade cards for the Cincinnati lithographers, engravers, and printers. Imagery includes an allegorical female figure seated near objects symbolic of the arts and sciences, including a paint palette, compass, globe, and books and scenes of a farmer at his plow, a traveling locomotive, and sailing vessels on the ocean. Other pictorial details include ornate frames surrounding advertising text. Frames contain scrolls and bunches of grapes. The premier firm established in 1856 operated as Ehrgott, Fobriger & Co. between 1860 and 1869., Title supplied by cataloger., Color lithographs printed in either blue, green, or violet ink., Cataloging funded by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (PW-506-19-10), 2010-2012.