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Air-Pump Case
Built to house a gift of scientific glassware from John Penn, which Franklin used in his electrical experiments. It is the earliest surviving piece of architectural furniture in the Palladian style made in America.

American Weekly Mercury
Joseph Breintnall's copy, and the only known copy of the first issue.

Anne Hampton Brewster
Pencil on paper. Brewster bequest, 1892.

Articles of Association.
Manuscript on vellum.

Austin K. Gray
Photograph. Librarian from 1931 to 1943.

Birds of Great Britain
Collection of Francis R. Cope, Jr., 1922.

Book from Christ Church Library
Donated by the Rev. Thomas Bray ca. 1700, deposited with the Library Company 1966

Bookplates of the Amicable Library, the Association Library, and the Union Library Company.
These early subscription libraries were absorbed by the Library Company in 1769.

A Catalogue of Books
Manuscript. In the Library at Westover. William Mackenzie bequest, 1828. The Library Company published a critical edition of this catalogue in 1995.

A Catalogue of Books Belonging to the Library Company of Philadelphia.
The earliest extant catalogue of the Library Company; Franklin also printed broadside catalogues in 1733 and 1735, of which no copies have survived.

A Chart of the Harbour of Rhode Island [from] The Atlantic Neptune
This atlas was taken as a prize from a British brig and was used by the Continental Congress during the Revolution., Provenance: Gift of Joseph Parker Norris, 1824.

Chess Automaton
Allen Chess collection, 1884.

Das Buch der Schatzbehalter
Purchased 1878.

Difficiliorum quorundam Elucidatio
Manuscript explanations of certain of Newton's propositions tipped into the front of Logan's copy of the Principia.

Discourses on Several Public Occasions
The pencilled shelfmark, C113 N20, on the pastedown endpaper was the key to Edwin Wolf's reconstruction of Franklin's library., Provenance: Mackenzie bequest, 1828.

Edwin Wolf 2nd.
Photograph. Librarian from 1955 to 1984.

An Elegiac Poem, on the Death of...George Whitefield.
Only known perfect copy; Du Simitière Collection, 1785.