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Air-Pump Case
Built to house a gift of scientific glassware from John Penn, which Franklin used in his electrical experiments. It is the earliest surviving piece of architectural furniture in the Palladian style made in America.

American Weekly Mercury
Joseph Breintnall's copy, and the only known copy of the first issue.

Anne Hampton Brewster
Pencil on paper. Brewster bequest, 1892.

Articles of Association.
Manuscript on vellum.

Austin K. Gray
Photograph. Librarian from 1931 to 1943.

Birds of Great Britain
Collection of Francis R. Cope, Jr., 1922.

Book from Christ Church Library
Donated by the Rev. Thomas Bray ca. 1700, deposited with the Library Company 1966

Bookplates of the Amicable Library, the Association Library, and the Union Library Company.
These early subscription libraries were absorbed by the Library Company in 1769.

A Catalogue of Books
Manuscript. In the Library at Westover. William Mackenzie bequest, 1828. The Library Company published a critical edition of this catalogue in 1995.

A Catalogue of Books Belonging to the Library Company of Philadelphia.
The earliest extant catalogue of the Library Company; Franklin also printed broadside catalogues in 1733 and 1735, of which no copies have survived.

A Chart of the Harbour of Rhode Island [from] The Atlantic Neptune
This atlas was taken as a prize from a British brig and was used by the Continental Congress during the Revolution., Provenance: Gift of Joseph Parker Norris, 1824.

Chess Automaton
Allen Chess collection, 1884.

Das Buch der Schatzbehalter
Purchased 1878.

Difficiliorum quorundam Elucidatio
Manuscript explanations of certain of Newton's propositions tipped into the front of Logan's copy of the Principia.

Discourses on Several Public Occasions
The pencilled shelfmark, C113 N20, on the pastedown endpaper was the key to Edwin Wolf's reconstruction of Franklin's library., Provenance: Mackenzie bequest, 1828.

Edwin Wolf 2nd.
Photograph. Librarian from 1955 to 1984.

An Elegiac Poem, on the Death of...George Whitefield.
Only known perfect copy; Du Simitière Collection, 1785.

Encyclopedia; Or, A Dictionary of Arts and Sciences.
Benjamin Rush's copy, James Rush bequest, 1869.

Fireplace tile
From the Librarian's office in the Ridgway Building, depicting coat of arms.

For Sale at Public Vendue
Broadside announcing the post-mortem sale of the Pierre Eugene Du Simitière Collection.

For the Young Ladies' Academy
Printed cover of an exercise book. James Rush bequest, 1869.

Gallery of Arts & Manufactures
Gift of Marguerite Brenner, 1984.

The Generall Historie of Virginia, New-England and the Summer Isles.
Gift of the naturalist Peter Collinson, with his manuscript notes.

George Campbell
Oil on canvas. Librarian from 1806 to 1829. Gift of Edwin Wolf 2nd, 1960.

"Geranium Maculatum" for Vegetable Materia Medica
Watercolor, gift of Elizabeth S. Abbot, 1961.

Girard Bank
Daguerreotype. Gift of John A. McAllister, 1896. This view of militia gathering in the wake of an anti-Catholic riot is Philadelphia's first news photograph.

Grandma Toppan
Daguerreotype. Purchased 1986.

Historia Naturale
Mackenzie bequest, 1828.

Historique et Description des Procédés du Daguerréotype et du Diorama.
First printing of the first description of photography.

The History of Louisiana, or of the Western Part of Virginia and Carolina.
Purchased 1823 at the sale of the library of Benjamin Smith Barton. Barton previously lent this copy to Meriwether Lewis, who took it on the famous expedition. Inscription on fly-leaf by Meriwether Lewis, Philadelphia, May 7, 1807.

History of the Jews
Gift of Edwin Wolf 2nd, 1980.

Hoch-Deutsches Lutherishes ABC
George Allen Collection, purchased 1959.

The Homilies of Michael
Ethiopian manuscript. Gift of Countess Van Cuelenbroeck, 1900.

Hortus Sanitatis
Collins Collection, 1832.

Instructions for Sr Arthure Chicester.
Manuscript on vellum. Gift of Henry Cox, 1799.

Jacob Ridgway, James Rush, and Phoebe Anne Ridgway Rush
Watercolor on ivory. James Rush bequest, 1869.

James Logan
Oil on canvas. Philadelphia. After an original by Gustavus Hesselius. Commissioned to replace a portrait lost by fire in 1831.

John C. Van Horne
Photograph. Librarian from 1985.

John Jay Smith
Oil on canvas, date unknown. Librarian from 1829 to 1850., Provenance: Gift of the Smith family, 1883.

Journal of the Proceedings of Congress.
Provenance: Gift of Owen Biddle, 1779.

Juniper and Locust Street Building.
Ink and wash drawing.

Le Theatre Du Monde Ou Nouvel Atlas
Bequest of Samuel Preston, 1803.

Leaves of Grass
First edition, purchased 1855.

Letter to Thomas Hopkinson
The first order of books

The Liberator
Gift of the Pennsylvania Abolition society, 1866.

Liberty Displaying the Arts and Sciences.
Oil on canvas, London. Gift of the artist, 1792.

Library and Surgeon's Hall, Fifth-street
Engraving, from The City of Philadelphia.

Lloyd Pearsall Smith
Oil on canvas. Librarian from 1851 to 1886., Provenance: Gift of L. M. Smith, 1915.

Loganian Library
Ink and wash drawing

Logic, Or, the Art of Thinking.
Benjamin Franklin's copy, given to the Library Company in 1733. In his Autobiography Franklin said that this book helped him form "an Exactness of Judgment."

Louis L. Peck
Tinted Lithograph

Magna Britannia: Her Colonies Reduc'd.
Only known copy; Du Simitière Collection, 1785.

Manuscript Journal
Page for November 1790 listing fees charged various patients, including the family of Vice President John Adams. James Rush bequest, 1869.

Mary Rebecca Darby Smith.
Frontispiece from Leaves for the Past. Gift of the author.

Mas-has-kah, Chief of the Ioways-(White Cloud)
Colored lithograph. Gift of John A. McAllister, 1884. A trial proof, never used, intended for Thomas L. McKenney and James Hall, History of the Indian Tribes of North America.

Mechanick Exercises
Franklin's copy of the first printer's manual. Purchased 1986.

Minerva as the Patroness of American Liberty.
Painted terra cotta, Philadelphia. This monumental sculpture loomed over the Speaker's chair in Congress Hall while the federal capital was in Philadelphia.

Minute Book
Lists the number and value of books affected by the fire on January 6, 1831.

Motion Studies
Photograph. Gift of Elizabeth G. Coates, 1982.

Mummy's Hand.
"Woman's Hand taken from an Egyptian Mummy: presented to the Library Company of Philadelphia by Mr. Benjamin West fomerly of this City, but now of London - Historical Painter - Novemr. 1767.", Provenance: Gift of the artist Benjamin West.

Musiciens d'un Calinda
Ink and wash drawing. Du Simitière Collection, 1785.

Nature Prints of Leaves
Provenance: Gift of his widow.

Nos. 114 & 116 North Water St.
From A Collection of Photographic Views in Philadelphia & Its Vicinity. Albumen print photograph. Purchased from the photographer, 1870.

Peace, Liberty, and Independence
Only known copy of the first announcement of the preliminary peace agreement ending the Revolutionary War. Anonymous gift, 1992.

Gift of Mrs. Wharton Sinkler, 1976.

Picturesque Views of American Scenery
Provenance: From the library of James Cox, 1834.

Plays and Poems
Thomas McKean's copy, with stencilled American eagles, signed at the foot of the spines by the binder, John Lightbody of Philadelphia. Purchased 1954.

Provenance: From the library of James Cox, 1834.

The Reverend Samuel Preston, of Chevening in Kent.
Oil on canvas. Gift of Elizabeth West, 1803.

The Revolution, Vol. I, No. I.
Inscribed to Lucretia Mott from Susan B. Anthony. Gift of Edward W. Davis, 1883.

Rural Residences
Gift of Anthony N. B. Garvan, 1978. Unique copy, with extra ink-and-wash plans.

Gift of John A. McAllister, 1886.

With movable volvelles. Purchased 1955.

Sketch of a Meschianza Costume
The Meschianza was an extravagant fete orchestrated by Major André for the British officers on the eve of their withdrawal from Philadelphia., Provenance: Gift of John Fanning Watson, 1830.

The South East Prospect of the City of Philadelphia.
Oil on canvas, ca. 1720. Gift of George Mifflin Dallas. The earliest painting of a North American city, found in a London curiosity shop in 1857.

Specimen of Printing Types
The publisher Mathew Carey's copy; gift of Isaac Lea, ca. 1850.

The Spectator
Franklin's copy; gift of Zachariah Poulson, Jr., 1801. Franklin taught himself to write by copying the style of this English periodical.

A Summary View of the Rights of British America
With Jefferson's manuscript corrections, acquired before 1789.

Taufschein for Elisabeth Romich
George Allen Collection, purchased 1959.

Translation of the Laws, Orders, and Contracts, on Colonization.
Provenance: Purchased at the sale of the library of Henry D. Gilpin, 1878.

U. S. Constitution
First printed draft. John Dickinson's copy with his manuscript notes. Gift of Robert R. Logan, 1943.

Valentine Poem to Elizabeth Graeme Ferguson
Transcribed in Ferguson's Poemata Juvenilia. Gift of Mrs. Howard Aley, 1985.

A View of the State House in Philadelphia.
Engraving from The Gentleman's Magazine,

Views of Ancient Monuments
Provenance: James Rush bequest, 1869.

William Mackenzie
Oil on canvas. After an original, now lost, given by Dr. James Abercrombie in 1828.

William Penn's William and Mary Secretary Desk.
England. Displayed at the Great Central Fair, 1864., Provenance: Gift of John Jay Smith, 1873.

James Logan's copy, originally bound for Henry, Prince of Wales, with his arms and feather insignia.

Given to the Loganian Library in 1776 by William Logan of Bristol. Inscribed in 1553 by John Dee, first English translator of Euclid.

Zachariah Poulson, Jr.
Oil on canvas, Philadelphia. Librarian from 1785 to 1806. Commissioned from the artist.