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Millverton, home of Joseph Lea and Sarah Ann Robeson, his wife, at mouth of Wissahickon. From painting.
Copy of a painting depicting Millverton from the west bank of the Schuylkill River looking northeast. Occupied by Joseph Lea and Sarah Ann Robeson, the daughter of Peter Robeson, who purchased the nearby estate in Shoomac Park the year Sarah was born. Located immediately north of the Wissahickon Creek near Ridge Avenue. In the background, a train crosses the Norristown Railroad Bridge, which dwarfs the Ridge Avenue Bridge in front of it. Another house sits on a hill north of Millverton. There is activity on and near the river in the foreground., Photographer's imprint printed on mount., Title given in manuscript on mount., Property later known as the Riverside Mansion.

Old blacksmith shop, Ridge Ave. & Wissahickon opposite Millverton.
Exterior view of an old stone, two story blacksmith shop, across the street from Millverton and near the Robeson house and mill. A man works with a carriage frame on the second story, above the entrance and another man sits at the edge of the flat, overhanging roof nearby. Carriage frames and wheels are visible, along with the wall of the Norristown Railroad Bridge in the background., Photographer's imprint printed on mount., Title and date given in manuscript on mount.