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Statue of Stephen Girard in Girard College.
Interior view of marble, life-size statue of Stephen Girard standing atop a sarcophagus in Founder's Hall. Francois Victor Gevelot designed the sarcophagus that holds the remains of Girard. A man in a bowler hat and suit leans on the wrought iron railing separating the public from the monument., Photographer's imprint printed on mount., Title and date given in manuscript on mount., Founder's Hall, also identified as the main building, built 1833-1847 after designs by Thomas Ustick Walter. Endowed by philanthropist Stephen Girard to educate boys without fathers. Girard ran away from home in France at the age of fourteen, worked his way up to ship captain and landed in the states in 1776. He became one of the wealthiest men in America before his death seventeen years before the opening of Girard College in 1848.