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The City Hall Philadelphia. Architecture, sculpture and history.
Limited edition volume, organized in 18 topical sections, containing photomechanical reproductions of engravings (by Faust) and photographs showing views of the interior, exterior, and architectural and sculptural details of the municipal building built 1871-1901 after the designs of John McArthur, Jr. Sections, predominately titled, include Modeling of the William Penn statue; views of court rooms, Mayor's Office, entrances; Window Spandrels Tower; Bronze Groups on Towers; Centre Pavilion Dormers; Caryatides (i.e., supporting columns sculptured in the form of a draped female figure); Medallions in Conversation Hall of Councils; Doorway Spandrels. Northern & Eastern Entrances; Keystones; Panels. Stairway; Impost Panels of Windows; Spandrels and Statuary Centre Pavilion; Panels; Tower Capitals; Spandrels Interior of Tower; Panels in Eastern Entrance; Spandrels in Northern Entrance; and Window Spandrels in Northern Entrance. Interior views often include pedestrian traffic., Architectural and ornamental details depict allegorical, historical, ethical, anthropological, and political and governmental figures and tableaux, including "Distinguished Early Philadelphians"; the continents; the four natural elements and seasons; "Indians"; Swedes; mammals, reptiles, and birds, including eagles, bears, and buffalo; the natural and social sciences, arts, and humanities; industry, mechanics, and commerce; civilization and barbarism; prayer and meditation; victory and fame; admonition and repentance; and liberty and law; and youth. Details also show the seal of Pennsylvania and stereotyped, ethnographic facial studies, and cherubic figures., Edition de luxe limited to one thousand copies. Copy no. 48., Frontispiece shows a view engraved by Faust of the exterior of City Hall. Includes street and pedestrian traffic., Front matter is misordered ([p. 4] and [p. 5] reversed) and includes an "Historical" overview of the location and construction of the building; "Description of the Buildings," including the styles of "Architecture" and dimensions; the "Comparative Heights of the Principal Buildings of the World"; and the "Inscription upon face of Corner-stone in centre of tower foundation.", Reproduced wood engravings contain artist's signature or initials: F. Faust; F.F., Original cloth bindings, brown cloth grained with gilt stamped front cover and endpapers removed and rehoused with rebound album for conservation., Cataloging funded by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (PW-506-19-10), 2010-2012., Frederick Faust, born in Germany in 1849, immigrated to the United States in 1870 and worked as a wood engraver in Philadelphia by the early 1880s. He continued in the trade as an illustrator into the early 20th century and was retired by 1930.