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A bearded musician plays a violin. He is standing in front of a music stand. "Catgut" means a thick cord made from sheep intestines used for violin strings. The valentine mocks his lack of skill and suggests that he deserves to endure the punishment he inflicts on his neighbors., Text: “Music hath charms to sooth the breast,” / But cat-gut scraping spoils our rest. / Morning and night in neighbor’s spite, / You murder time and tune outright! / Your torture that poor old violin, / ‘t’ill the hottest place we wish you in!, Provenance: Helfand, William H..

‘Tis by your Music
A man in a frock coat plays the violin., Text: ‘Tis by your Music, you’re anxious to try / With dulcet like notes, my poor heart to decoy / But Sir you’ve quite fail’d that object to gain / Your chords are all discord, I listen with pain, / As for your looks too, be candid I must / When I see you I turn from the sight with disgust., Provenance: Helfand, William H..

A Violin Player.
A man with long hair is seated and playing the violin., Text: A crochet from a quaver you scarcely know, / And yet eternally you are drawing your bow; / Next to a trombone a fiddle I despise, / Why you try either I cannot well surmise., Provenance: Helfand, William H..

Your soul is in.
A man has a stringed instrument for a body. The valentine compares him to a broken fiddle., Text: Your soul is in a fiddle-case, / Yourself a half-cracked fiddle; / To find your beauty, sense, or wit, / Would be a monstrous riddle., Provenance: Helfand, William H..