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[Fidelity-Philadelphia Trust Company building construction, southeast corner of Broad and Walnut Streets, Philadelphia]
Part of a series of progress photographs commissioned by the builders Irwin & Leighton documenting the construction of Fidelity-Philadelphia Trust Company building from March 1927 to beginning of 1928. Documents the clearing of the site, laying of the foundations, the erection of steel framing, the progress of exterior masonry work and the completed building. Also contains interior views of the framing between floors and details of the ornamental doorway., Negative numbers: 4-31, P.9479.6067 negative for photographic print P.9479.31.

[Forrest Theatre during demolition for the construction of the Fidelity-Philadelphia Trust Company building, southeast corner of Broad and Walnut Streets, Philadelphia]
Exterior views of Forrest Theatre before demolition and construction., Negative numbers: 1546 & 1547., Negative inscribed: Mar. 7, 1927. Fidelity Building. Irwin & Leighton, builders. Simon & Simon, architects., Photographs commissioned by Irwin & Leighton.