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Datura stramonium b [graphic] / W. B. Annin sc
Book illustration containing three figures depicting the plant from the nightshade family commonly known as jimsonweed or thorn apple. "Fig. I" shows a "branch" of the medicinal and hallucinogenic plant with a thick, brown stem; green toothed leaves; and two lilac-colored, trumpet-shaped flowers; Fig. "II" shows the "stamen and style"; and Fig. III shows the "transverse section of the pericarp, showing the cells, receptacle and seeds.", From Jacob Bigelow, American medical botany: being a collection of the native medicinal plants of the United States, containing their botanical history and chemical analysis, and properties and uses in medicine, diet and the arts, with coloured engravings (Boston: Published by Cummings and Hilliard, at the Boston Bookstore, No. 1, Cornhill. University Press--Hilliard and Metcalf, 1817), vol. 1., Pl. 1., See William S. Reese's Stamped with a National Character: Nineteenth Century American Color Plate Books (New York: The Grolier Club, 1999) entry #10.

William H. Helfand Miscellaneous Popular Medicine Ephemera Collection
Collection of ephemera primarily from the pharmaceutical and medical trades. Contains trade cards, business cards, illustrated envelopes, and small-format advertising fliers, calendars, circulars, and cards.

William H. Helfand Popular Medicine Ephemera Collection
Collection of illustrated ephemera, primarily letterheads, billheads, receipts, and fliers, for pharmaceutical firms in the United States (predominantly New England, Mid-Atlantic, and Mid-West), and London issued between 1800 and 1940.

William H. Helfand Popular Medicine Stationery Collection
Collection of stationery, primarily illustrated and typographical letterheads, billheads, and form letters, of pharmaceutical firms and related businesses and institutions in the United States (predominantly New York City, New York, Philadelphia, and Pennsylvania) issued between circa 1840 and 1935. Subjects include invoices and receipts, shipping arrangements and fees, product orders, payments and payment disputes.