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Scrapbook possibly compiled by Fanny Keene containing trade cards, sentiment cards, holiday cards, rewards of merit, die cut and embossed scraps, and a temperance pledge card primarily issued in New England. Majority of the contents are chromolithographs and some contain trompe l’oeil, embossed, die cut and overlay designs. Pictorial themes include landscape, marinescape, seasonal, residential and genre views; women and children; fruits and flowers; animals (cats, dogs, mice, and birds); comic scenes; and portraiture, including Frances Folsom Cleveland. Several of the holiday cards contain religious passages and sentiments and several of the trade cards advertise sewing machines, patent medicines, soaps, and J. & P. Coats thread. Scrapbook also contains series of Arm & Hammer (i.e., Church & Dwight Co.) trade cards depicting different species of birds., Other business establishments and products advertised include A. Stowell & Co., jewelers (Boston); California Fig Syrup Co.; C. F. Santelle, stationery (Rockland, Me.); C. I. Hood & Co., tooth powder; Electric Lustre Starch; E. W. Hoyt & Co., cologne; F. M. Evertleth, M. D., druggist (Waldoboro, Me.); Household Sewing Machine Company; Ingall’s Throat and Lung Specific; Kendall Mfg. Co. soapine; Lydia E. Pinkham; Mansion House (Troy, N.Y.); Munson’s 99 Cent Store (Boston, Ma.); The New Home Sewing Machine; R. H. Stearns & Co., department store; Rush’s Sasparilla and Iron; Stickney and Poor’s Mustard; M. A. Packard & Co., shoes; Vegetine; W. H. Levansaler & Co., wool; and Whittemore, Bros & Co, shoe gloss., Blue paper binding printed in color with a marinescape view and pictorial and border details. Also contains chromolithograph overlay showing a young lady carrying a basket., Some of contents inscribed Fanny Keene, Jessie Keene, Mrs. Annie Leland., Printers include New England and Mid West firms Bufford; Calvert Lith. Co; Crosker & Co.; Donaldson Brothers; Knapp & Co.; Mayer, Merkell & Ottman; and W. J. Morgan & Co., Cataloging funded by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (PW-506-19-10), 2010-2012., Housed in phase box.