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Stein & Jones Specimens Album
Scrapbook of print specimens and proofs compiled circa 1852-circa 1876 probably by a printer associated with the Philadelphia lithographic firm Stein & Jones. Contains book and periodical plates and illustrations; sheet music covers; proof prints; collecting cards; trade cards (several glossed); bank notes, checks, billheads, and receipts; certificates; advertising calendars; and chromolithographed labels and scraps. Commercial ephemera document primarily Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, New York, Cincinnati, and Chicago businesses and organizations, including banks, printers, and art supply dealers. Majority of contents include several plates from religious texts published in Philadelphia such as Albert Barnes’s "Scenes and Incidents in the Life of the Apostle Paul” (Philadelphia, 1869); illustrations and plates from children and gift books, and periodicals, including from "Peterson’s Magazine" (plates engraved by Illman Brothers); and several works printed by Stein & Jones and Cincinnati lithographers Klauprech & Menzel and Ehrgott & Fobriger. Also includes portraits of lithographers Rudolph Stein and Alfred Jones and color printed and numbered proof lithographs after plates in McKenney & Hall's "History of the Indian Tribes of North America."

Stereograph Collection
Collection of nearly 3,000 stereographs published and distributed in or of Philadelphia. The photographs mainly portray commercial and residential street scenes, particularly Market and Chestnut streets; religious, public, financial, and industrial buildings and institutions; and historic and prominent landmarks as well as a small selection of non-Philadelphia views.

Stevens-Cogdell/Sanders-Venning Collection
Album and loose prints compiled by a member of the African American Stevens-Cogdell/Sanders-Venning family containing portrait photographs of family and friends, ca. 1860-ca. 1925.

Frank H. Taylor Illustration Collection
Collection of over 200 prints from the Frank H. Taylor series Ever-Changing Philadelphia and Old Philadelphia, issued 1915-1925. 

Teitelman Collection of American Sunday-School Union Woodblocks and Imprints
Based in Philadelphia, the American Sunday-School Union was the most prolific publisher of children's books in 19th-century America. The Union illustrated its books and periodicals copiously, mainly with wood engravings. The original woodblocks were used through multiple printings and retained by the Union. 

Theatrical and Public Celebrities Catalogue and Photograph Albums
Printed contact sheets and prices for variant size portrait photographs for sale by the Philadelphia firm Gilbert & Bacon, 1880.

Things Found in Books Collection
Various items found inserted in the Library Company's collection of books. Includes holy cards, paper dolls, stamps, clippings, tickets, ribbons, plants, etc., 19th century.

Barbara A. Townshind Silhouette Album
Album containing amateurly-cut, primarily bust-length silhouettes of men and women. Majority include caricatured or non-descript features. Small number of the prints depict full-length silhouettes, including a man holding an eye glass, a man holding a book near a table, and a man holding a filled basket. Also includes a silhouette of a tall male figure and squat female figure and corresponding pencil sketch. Many silhouettes also include hair adornments and other fashion details.

Trade Card Collection
Augmented collection of advertisements for 19th-century Philadelphia businesses originally compiled by local Jewish socialite Emily Phillips, ca. 1860-ca. 1880s.

Two Weeks in the Yellowstone, 1887
Limited edition, souvenir miniature book containing a photographic frontispiece and describing a Vaux family trip to the Yellowstone National Park in August 1885. Photograph shows a woman and young man, probably Mary Vaux and one of her brothers, standing near a geyser, probably one of the several described in the text.

Views at Chestnutwold: Residence of C. H. Clark Album
Album of 12 photographic views showing the West Philadelphia estate of Philadelphia banker and collector Clarence Howard Clark at 4200 Locust Street. Images depict the front gate to the residence, the residence, green house and garden, and pond with fountain. Also depicts members of Clark's family posed at the residence, on the grounds, in a goat carriage, and in a boat on the pond. Views also include an African American servant posed near an entrance, gardeners at the greenhouse, wooded areas, paths, and lawn chairs.

Views of Ashwood Photograph Albums
Photographs taken by the grandson of Philadelphia merchant Robert Waln, of the family estate in Delaware County, PA, 1865-1875.

Views of Atlantic City Souvenir Booklet
Souvenir viewbook containing eighteen captioned views of prominent sites and landmarks at the shore town.

Views of Fairmount Park Album
Album of photographs of aerial and landscape views taken in the park during the Centennial Exhibition of 1876, which celebrated the centennial of the United States through an international exhibition of industry, agriculture, and art. Photographs predominately depict views from observation towers at George's Hill and Lemon Hill.

Views of Loudoun & Stenton Album
Album of snapshots showing the Logan family residence Loudoun erected for Thomas Armat (photographer's great grandfather) in 1800 at 4650 Germantown Avenue and Stenton, the Logan family country seat at 4601 North Eighteenth Street in Germantown.

Views of Philadelphia Souvenir Booklet
Souvenir viewbook, probably issued during the Centennial Exhibition of 1876, containing fifteen captioned views of prominent sites and landmarks in the city.

Thomas S. Wagner Wooden Lithographic Puzzles
Jigsaw puzzles with genre, historical, and Philadelphia views printed by Philadelphia lithographer Thomas S. Wagner, ca. 1858.

Wainwright Lithograph Collection
Collection featuring 285 of the lithographs described by Nicholas B. Wainwright in his book Philadelphia in the Romantic Age of Lithography: An illustrated history of early lithography in Philadelphia with a descriptive list of Philadelphia scenes made by Philadelphia lithographers before 1866 (Philadelphia: The Historical Society of Pennsylvania, 1958).

Webster Family Negative and Photograph Collection
Collection predominantly of negatives depicting informal portraits, residences, and the survey work of members of the related Quaker Webster and Smedley families, 1885-1905.

Louisa A. White Album
Photograph album of portraits of unidentified middle-class African Americans including fourteen men, eleven women, and three babies.

World War One Collection
The World War One graphics collection consists of materials relating to the conflict and its immediate aftermath. The photographs, postcards and scrapbooks in this collection are primarily from the Philadelphia region and include views of the Philadelphia Navy Yard and patriotic parades and rallies held around the city. The posters in this collection encourage American military enlistment, the purchase of war bonds, home front frugality, and support for relief organizations, including the Red Cross. A small number of posters relate to specific Philadelphia events.

Michael Zinman Collection
Collection of ephemera reflecting American social and economic development, with an emphasis on the book trades. Includes samples of mid-19th-century raised letter printing for the blind and pre-1801 legal forms, 18th-19th centuries.