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Fels African Americana Image Project
Collection created through a Samuel S. Fels Community Fellowship Grant in 2003 of over 300 book and periodical illustrations from the 16th - to 19th -centuries depicting all aspects of African American history and life. Images range in date from 1595 (Giralomo Benzoni, Americae Pars Quinta) to 1914 (John Wesley Cromwell, The Negro in American History) and include views from 17th through 19th centuries travel and history texts of the social life and agricultural, industrial, and craft work of African peoples; graphics from the antislavery movements in France, Great Britain, and the United States detailing the brutality of slave life and the violence of slave resistance; and a selection of racist caricatures and cartoons from the 19th century reflecting the growing denigration and dehumanizing of African Americans in the era’s American popular print culture.

Frankford Elevated Railway Construction Photograph Collection
Progress photographs primarily depicting the progress of construction of the steel elevated structures along Front Street and Kensington Avenue for the Frankford Elevated Railway built 1915-1922 under the auspices of the City of Philadelphia’s Department of City Transit. Images capture construction workers and horse-drawn vehicles carrying construction materials, as well as factories, businesses, residences and other buildings along the line. The majority of steel work was contracted to McClintic-Marshall Co. which received the largest construction contract for the project. Photographs may have been taken by the Department of City Transit photographer Norman M. Rolston who was assisted by J. Wesley Cooke.

The Game of Philadelphia Buildings Flashcards
Card game containing fifty-three cards depicting landmarks and historic and well-known sites in the city.

Frederick Gutekunst Pennsylvania Railroad Stereograph Collection
Collection of 142 stereographic views documenting the Philadelphia, Middle, and Pittsburgh divisions of the Pennsylvania Railroad issued by Philadelphia photographer Frederick Gutekunst, ca. 1875.

Alfred Hand Photographic Negative Collection
Collection of 179 glass and film negatives created by Alfred Hand between 1920 and 1921. They depict historic houses, places of worship, and Revolutionary War sites in Germantown and the Philadelphia region, and are accompanied by negative sleeves with descriptive manuscript notes about each site.

Albert Hatch Photograph Album
Photographs compiled and possibly taken by Albert Hatch showing city and landscape views as well as family views and portraits, ca. 1866-ca. 1888.

William H. Helfand Comic Valentine Collection
Collection of comic valentines satirizing professional, ethnic, and gender stereotypes of the late 19th century.

William H. Helfand Popular Medicine Collection
Collection of ephemera primarily from the pharmaceutical and medical trades. Contains stationery, receipts, fliers, form letters, trade cards, business cards, calendars, and circulars, ca. 1800-ca. 1940.

Improved Authors with Portraits & Autographs Card Game
Incomplete card game containing 68 illustrated cards. Cards depict the bust-length portraits of Thomas Bailey Aldrich; William Cullen Bryant; Robert Burns; Samuel L. Clemens, "Mark Twain"; J. Fenimore Cooper; Ralph Waldo Emerson; James T. Fields; F. Bret Harte; Oliver Wendell Holmes; William Dean Howells; Henry W. Longfellow; James Russell Lowell; Samuel Rogers; Bayard Taylor; Alfred Tennyson; Charles Dudley Warner; Richard Grant White; and John G. Whittier. Some portraits are in profile. Versos of cards contain an allegorical image composed of a stack of books, scrolls and leaves of paper, a laurel wreath, and a quill pen. Includes small number of incomplete sets for J. Fenimore Cooper, Henry W. Longfellow; James Russell Lowell, and Richard Grant White. Lowell set includes a cut-out of the portrait from an original card.

Jackson-Cross Company Realtors Property Photograph Collection
Collection of 38 views of properties owned by Jackson-Cross Company, a commercial real estate firm founded by Joseph T. Jackson in 1876. The company merged with the Cross Company in 1936 and became Jackson-Cross Company. The firm operated until 1998 when Insignia Financial Group acquired it. The collection depicts a number of sites throughout Philadelphia during the 1940s, including office buildings, industrial sites, hospitals, banks, and stores and shops.

Jennings Fidelity-Philadelphia Trust Company Building Construction Photograph Collection
Part of a series of progress photographs by Philadelphia commercial photographer William Nicholson Jennings (1860-1946) commissioned by the builders Irwin & Leighton to document the construction of the Fidelity-Philadelphia Trust Company building, March 1927-early 1928. Images show the clearing of the site, laying of the foundations, the erection of steel framing, the progress of exterior masonry work and the completed building. Also contains interior views of the framing between floors and details of the ornamental doorway.

John Frank Keith Photograph Collection
Collection of 250 portrait photographs on postcard stock depicting residents of South Philadelphia and Kensington by amateur photographer John Frank Keith (1883-1947), ca. 1910-ca. 1940. Keith documented hundreds of, typically unidentified, working-class Philadelphians, individually, and as groups standing on sidewalks, in front of streetscape, and sitting on stoops. The majority of photographs date to the 1920s and show men, women, and children.

Frank W. Kohler Bicycling Events Scrapbook
Personal scrapbook, including clippings, programs, ribbons, photographs and other ephemera related to bicycle clubs compiled by the prominent long-distance bicyclist and Philadelphia executive, 1884.

William and Frederick Langenheim Stereograph Collection
Collection of stereographs issued circa 1855-circa 1862 by pioneer Philadelphia photographers William and Frederick Langenheim , the first publishers of stereoviews in the United States in 1854. Photographs show business interiors, panoramic views of the city, Fairmount Park, including Laurel Hill Cemetery, and scenes along the Delaware Riverfront. Businesses depicted include jewelers Bailey & Co., hatter Charles Oakford, and opticians McAllister and Brother.

George Albert Lewis Old Houses and Stores Album
Memory album compiled by Lewis containing written narratives, photographs, watercolors, textiles, drawings, prints and ephemera documenting his childhood and his lineage and family businesses and residences from the late 18th century to mid 19th century. Specific narrative topics include the provenance of the "Pictures" included in the album; "Memorabilia"; the "Marriage of our Ancestor, 1786. Johann Andreas Philipp Ludwig (i.e., J. A. P. Lewis) and Anna Maria Klingemann"; 'In Memoriam: Johann Andreas Philipp Ludwig' "; the "Memorials of the old Houses, Stores &c.," including deed, plot, architectural, and decor information pertaining to Lewis family residences at 121, i.e., 311 North Fifth Street (1791-1797), 60, i.e., 128 North Fourth Street (1797-1805), 82, i.e., 132 North Second Street (1814-1818), 124, i.e., 264 South Third Street (1818-1824), 148, i.e., 264 South Second Street (1824-1840) and rear storehouse on Laurel Street, and Sixteenth and Walnut streets (1840-1858), and the stores at Walnut and Front streets (1829-1856).

Library Company of Philadelphia Menus and Culinary History Collection
Menus and ephemera related to Philadelphia restaurants, including announcements and invitations, mid-19th century. The collection was started with menus from the John A. McAllister collection and additional menus have accrued over the years. Most significantly, in 1984, Charles E. Rosenberg donated eleven menus from the anniversary dinners of the Shakespeare Society, dating from 1855 to 1874. The collection is open to new additions.

Library Company of Philadelphia Miscellaneous Ephemera Collection
Ephemera related to Philadelphia area institutions including announcements, trade cards, programs, receipts, tickets, religious tracts, circulars, ballots, certificates, and newspaper clippings.