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Pennsylvania Capitol Collection
Collection of photographs, including a series created by Philadelphia professional photographer, William Rau, along with architectural drawings, photomechanical prints, sketches, lithographs and etchings, depicting the Capitol during its construction from 1901 to 1906.

Philadelphia on Stone
The Philadelphia on Stone Digital Catalog contains over 1300 lithographs, related ephemera, and prints documenting Philadelphia commercial lithography between 1828 and 1878 derived from the surveys conducted at eight collaborating institutions between May 2007 and May 2010. Lithographs listed in Nicholas Wainwright’s Philadelphia in the Romantic Age of Lithography (1958), lithographs not listed in Wainwright portraying the built environment of Philadelphia, and advertisements for and printed views of Philadelphia lithographic establishments form the core content of the records and images contained in this catalog.

Philadelphia Zoo Photograph Album
Album of photographs predominantly showing the grounds of the Philadelphia Zoo in Fairmount Park, in West Philadelphia. Contains views of the Victorian-style gatehouse after the designs of Frank Furness; "The Dying Lioness" statue after the design of Wilhelm Wolff casted in 1875 at the entrance courtyard; lions, tigers, a jaguar and a zebra walking, standing, and grazing in their caged areas; an elephant, camel, lama, mountain goat, and caribou in fenced yards; buffalo grazing on a pasture; and Solitude, the country retreat of John Penn built in 1785 on the grounds of the zoo (miscaptioned as "Wm Penn's House, Fairmount Park"). Images include zoo keepers, visitors, gates, fencing, "Admission Today" signage, and partial views of other buildings on the zoo grounds. Also contains portrait photographs of a man and woman, probably Josie and Emil, and sculler "Andrew C. Craig, Undine Boat Club" on the Schuylkill River. Craig view also includes cityscape and trees along the riverbank in the background. The Philadelphia Zoo, the first in the nation, opened in 1874.

Philip Frey & Co.'s Centennial Exhibition Souvenir Viewbook
Souvenir viewbook containing 12 prints connected by accordion folds and depicting Centennial Exhibition buildings. Titles include U.S. Government Building; Delaware Building; Connecticut Building; Indiana Building; Ohio Building; Pennsylvania Building; New Jersey Building; Arkansas Building; Colorado and Kansas Building; Spanish Building; English Commission Building; and Japanese Dwelling. Majority of the Centennial buildings were built after the designs of Herman Schwartzmann, Henry Pettit and Joseph M. Wilson. The Centennial Exhibition celebrated the centennial of the United States through an international exhibition of industry, agriculture, and art.

Photograph Album of Philadelphia and Vicinity
Photograph album compiled by Philadelphia photographer Robert Newell containing views by the photographer and his peers, including F. De. B. Richards. Images depict major city landmarks and views of Fairmount Park, including benevolent, educational and financial institutions, historic sites, residences, churches and meetinghouses, bridges, and hotels and taverns. Sites documented include Broad Street (Civil War) Hospital; Foster Home (Twenty-Fourth and Poplar); Germantown Academy; the former bookstore and printing office of William Young (200-204 Chestnut); Landing Avenue during alterations (East bank of Schuylkill); Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (old and new); Carpenters Hall; Independence Hall; Academy of Music; Merchants' Exchange; Girard, Farmers', Mechanics', Pennsylvania, and Fourth National banks; Bartram's, Keene, and Rittenhouse mansions; Woodford residence (Fairmount Park); Washington's residence (Germantown); Womrath property, "where the first 4th of July" was celebrated" (4216 Frankford); Oldest house in Lansdown" (West Fairmount Park); Old Farm house (Broad and Oxford); St. Judes Episcopal church; Fairmount Water Works, and boat houses and ice houses along the Schuylkill; Cedar Hill, Laurel Hill and Woodlands cemeteries; Columbia, Old Callowhill Street, Girard Avenue, and New York Connecting Railroad bridges; Continental, Valley Green, Maple Spring, Markley's and Cole's hotels; and "Punch Bowl" (2100 Broad), "Abbey" (Hunting Park and Wissahickon Aves), Old Buck? (Lancaster Pike) and Old Grey's Ferry taverns.

Photographic Views of Philadelphia's New City Building
Albums of progress photographs of the early construction of City Hall built 1871-1901 on Penn Square after the designs of John McArthur, Jr. Photographs show different stages of the construction of the foundation and lower floor of the building between 1873 and 1875. Includes images of the dirt sub basement; construction materials, equipment, and workers; aerial views of the built foundation; partially completed walls and abutments; and studio views of columns and architectural ornaments. Several of the views include scaffolding; horse-drawn carts; pulleys; piles of construction debris; Pennsylvania Railroad cars on Market Street; and workers and well-dressed men, probably the commissioners, reviewing and posed on or near constructed parts of the building and construction materials. Views also show surrounding cityscape, including the Masonic Temple (Broad and Filbert); United States Mint (1331-1337 Chestnut Street); the Seventh Presbyterian Church (Broad Street above Chestnut Street); Pennsylvania Railroad Freight Depot (13th and Market); La Salle College High School (Filbert and Juniper); Sharpless & Watts, flooring tile (1325 Market Street); the spires of Arch Street Methodist Episcopal Church (s.w. cor. Broad & Arch) and First Baptist Church (n.w. cor. Broad and Arch); and other surrounding businesses (beer hall, wall paper, and furniture) and residences.

Portrait Album of Well-Known 19th-Century African American Men of Philadelphia
Photograph album containing identified portraits of twenty-one prominent Philadelphia African American men. Sitters include veteran Harmon Richardson in his Civil War military uniform; educator and activist Octavius Catto; Edwin Chew; janitor Guy M. Burton with musician Ed[ward] H. Johnson and Terry V. Hall; musician Joseph G. Anderson; waiter Taylor Aldridge; Johnson al-Jube; Parker T. Smith; Jeremiah V. Hall; George Hall; waiter William I. Lancaster; barber James Keith; Henry Tobias; Cheslea Bass, barber in partnership with James Keith, with Andrew F. Stevens; Edwin Lewis; Jas. H. Williams ae.[sic] Rush; Thomas Proctor; and restauranteur Ja[me]s Page. Musicians Edward Johnson and Joseph G. Anderson were members of Francis Johnson's band in the 1830s and 40s.

Portrait Prints and Boxiana Album
Bound volume of portrait plates issued between circa 1804 and 1831 from various publications, including "Mechanics Magazine"; "New British Lady's Magazine"; and the compliation "Boxiana or Sketches of Antient [sic] and Modern Pugilism" (London: George Virtue, 1829). Portraits depict prominent and celebrity European figures, predominantly from Great Britain, including clergymen, legislators, entertainers, scientists and inventors, royalty and pugilists. Plates include full-length, half-length, and bust-length portraiture, with some containing backgrounds, props, or ornate borders. Portraits of religious figures predominantly published by London publishers F. Westley and Westley & Davis and arranged in alphabetical order by sitter's name. Portraits of legislators, celebrity and other prominent figures predominantly published by London publishers Fisher Son & Co. and J. Robins & Co. and arranged in alphabetical order by sitter's name. Portraits of pugilists predominantly published by G. Smeeten and Sherwood, Jones & Co. and most arranged in alphabetical order by sitter's name. Volume also includes a title page and views titled "The John Bull Fighters Splendid Silver Cup" and "A Sparring Match at the Fives Court" from the Pierce Egan's "Boxiana" series originally published in parts in 1813 and later as volumes between 1818 and 1828.

Portraits of American Women
The Library Company's ongoing Portraits of American Women project identifies portraits that appeared in books and periodicals before 1861 and makes them accessible online. In antebellum America, before the development of photomechanical image reproduction, such portraits represented a significant investment of time and money.

Postcard Collection
Collection of postcards depicting Philadelphia businesses, institutions, landmarks, historic residences, and neighborhoods, ca. 1890-ca.1950.

Charles A. Poulson Philadelphia Scrapbooks
Scrapbook of dated textual and illustrated newspaper clippings describing the history, society, built environment, and political climate of Philadelphia, ca. 1830-ca. 1860.

Rae's Philadelphia Pictorial Directory & Panoramic Advertiser
Folio volume of panoramic views of businesses on the 200-900 blocks of Chestnut Street and corresponding pages of advertisements. Also contains a preface, which details that inclusion in the directory required subscription to or purchase of the volume; the intention to "issue the Panoramic View annually"; and the publisher's endeavor to correct all lettering errors "upon the publication of the second edition." Volume also includes interspersed full-, half- and, one-third-page advertisements for business subscribers tenanting, as well as not located on Chestnut Street. Publisher issued only the 1851 directory.

Robert Redfield Photograph Collection
Collection of landscape photographs taken 1885-1900 by Philadelphia-area naturalist photographer and Photo-Secessionist Robert Redfield (1849-1923). Images primarily depict the Brandywine Creek and Mill Creek (PA); Twin Lakes (CT); and Mount Washington (MA) as well as unidentified creeks and streams. Many of the views include people at recreation and sheep or cows. Collection also includes views of the office and darkroom of the Photographic Society of Philadelphia (South Fifteenth Street) and the photographer’s residence in Wayne, Pennsylvania.

Frederick De Bourg Richards Photograph Collection
Collection of photographs attributed to Philadelphia painter and pioneer photographer Richards of 18th-century public, commercial, and residential buildings in Philadelphia.

Max Rosenthal Collection of Portraits Scrapbook
Bound volume of portraits primarily delineated by Max Rosenthal showing prominent Philadelphians, and historical and military figures, including members of the Continental Congress, clergyman, legislators, government officials, physicians, military officers, artists, and authors. Contains full-length, half-length, bust-length, and profile portraits, with some containing backgrounds and props. Also includes the front page of a September 1885 edition of "Paper and Press" containing a portrait and biography of Philadelphia publisher Henry Carey Baird and an article about printed blanks.

Roughwood Collection
Broadsides, certificates, songs and prayers reflecting Pennsylvania German-American folk culture collected by Don Yoder and William Woys Weaver, mostly 19th century.