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The Last speech of the statue at Stocks-Market

A New and accurate plan of the cities of London and Westminster, including new roads & new buildings.

A General view of the city of London next the River Thames

Plan of London as in Q. Elizabeths days.

A New & correct plan of all the houses destroy'd and damaged by the fire which began in Exchange Alley, Cornhill, on Friday, March 25th, 1748.

A Chronological and historical account from the first building a bridge across the River Thames, from London to Southwark, 'till the late conflagration of the temporary bridge, the 11th of April, 1758.

List of the inhabitants, of the united parishes of St. Bennet-Grace-Church, and St. Leonard-Eastcheap.

A Plan of all the houses destroyed and damaged by the great fire which began in Bishopsgate Street on Thursday Novr. 7. 1765.

A View of the ruins of St. Peters Church, the corner of Leadenhall Street.

Magna Britannia antiqua & nova: or, A new, exact, and comprehensive survey of the ancient and present state of Great Britain.

A plan & elevation of a new bridge

CCXI. sociable letters / written by the thrice noble, illustrious, and excellent princess, the Lady