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A Daughter of the D--.

Bank of True Love.

Comic Valentines

A Blacksmith.

Sell and Repent.

A slave to Fashion's tyrant laws

You talk so much of what you'll do

Thou languishing young lady-bird

"Pray, what's the matter," said a friend to me

You're all aflame with woman's rights

Among the women who in history brightest have shone.

Jolly Jack


To a Stonecutter.

Oh! Gentle Lady, you know full well.

You are my Darling.

A Booby.

O, could I weave a mystic charm

Prize Medal Skater.

A Contemptible Man.

Some Pumpkins, Esq.

To a Tinker.

A Shrew and Brawler.

Who'll Have Me.

Hoops and Leader of the Fashion.

Mrs. Bell-Clapper.

Miss Vanity.

The Old Fogie.

A Belle.

Spell Cat, my chubby little imp--


The Angry Woman.

A Bag of Wind.

Passionate Woman.

A Child's Nurse.

Woman's Rights.

Ha, ha! don't you think you're brave?

A Regular.

You ugly, cross and wrinkled shrew

She Devil.

Windy Day.



A Niggardly Man.

Mr. Bull-Frog.

To a Bachelor.

The One That Wears the Breeches.

Worldly Evils.