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Library Company of Philadelphia scrapbook

Philadelphia Zoo photograph album

The old houses and stores with memorabilia relating to them and my father and grandfather

Views of Loudoun and Stenton, residences of Maria Dickinson Logan and her brother, Albanus C. Logan, Germantown, Philadelphia

Saturday jaunts :

The City Hall Philadelphia. Architecture, sculpture and history.

Memories of the home of Grandma Lewis

[Philadelphia Inquirer art supplements]

City wharf scene. [graphic] / From life by A. Kollner.

Two weeks in the Yellowstone.

Atlantic City [viewbook]

[Motion studies]


Franklin W. Kohler bicycling events 1884

[Sketchbook during New England summer excursion, July-August 1882]

[Sketchbook during New England summer excursion, July-August 1882]

[Sketchbook during New England summer excursion, July-August 1882]

[Photographic Society of Philadelphia's Chesapeake & Ohio Canal excursion, May 21-29, 1882 album]

[Geo. S. Harris & Sons print specimens]

Life scenes in Fairmount Park. [graphic] / A. Kollner, fect.

Near east park, Phila. [graphic] / A. Kollner, fect.

Godey's Lady's Book Publishing Company limited, 1006 Chestnut St. Philadelphia

Catalogue of theatrical and public celebrities

Photograph album

Belmont and waterworks. Mount Pleasant, Fairmount Park, Philada. [graphic].

Near Sweet Briar, West Phila. [graphic].

Peters Island, Fairmount Park, Philada. [graphic] / A.K.

In ravine near Sweet Briar Fairmount Park, Phila. [graphic] / A.K.

Prospect from Ridgeland, Fairmount Park, Phila. [graphic] / A.K.

Schuylkill River above Fairmount Dam, Philada. in 1843. [graphic] / A.K. 1878.

Schuylkill River below the falls, Fairmount Pk. Phila. [graphic] / A.K.

In Wissahickon Valley, Fairmount Park, Philada. [graphic] / A.K.

Schuylkill River, Fairmount Park , Phila. (Columbia Bridge) [graphic].

Sweet Briar Mansion, in 1843. (In Fairmount Park) [graphic].

Thos. Moore's Cottage, Phila. Park. [graphic].

Works of P. & F. Corbin. New Britain Conn. U.S.A.


Views of Fairmount Park Philadelphia 1866

Old landmarks & relics of Philadelphia. Fourth series.

Centennial Exhibition. Philadelphia. MDCCLXXVI [1876]


Old landmarks & relics of Philadelphia. Second series.

Centennial Exhibition, Philadelphia. 1876.

Philadelphia [viewbook]

Centennial circular. Norwalk Lock Company. South Norwalk, Conn.

Scenery on the Pennsylvania Railroad


Views of Ashwood, Gulph Mills, and other sites in Delaware County and surrounding counties in Pennsylvania

Photograph album

Photographic views of New City Building