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A Zouave.

A Zouave.

You're to the soldiers quite a flunkey

You're all aflame with woman's rights

You're a sweet looking sailor boy, gallant and bold

Your Wife's the Boss.

Your True Love.

Your Own Portrait.

Your Likeness.

The Young Mother.

The Young Flirt.

You ugly, cross and wrinkled shrew

You think your style is just the thing

You talk so much of what you'll do

You stingy, shrivel'd, wrinkled, close-skin'd skin-flint

You sneaking, mean, soulless knave

You Puppy.

You may sing psalms with sanctimonious face

You love the contrabands too much

You go in for the largest liberty

You fat old cuss, give us your grub

You are my Valentine.

You are my Darling.

You and Your Beau.

The Wounded Soldier.

Would-Be Woman.

Would-Be Hero.

Worldly Evils.

Woman's Rights.

Woman's Rights.

Windy Day.

Windy Day.

A Wife for Old Nick.

The Widower.

A Widow.

The Widow.

Who'll Have Me.

Who are you, rampaging stranger

When first you came before my eyes

When ancient damsels take to ice