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Wissahickon polka. /

Clark's Inn &c. facing the State House; Bridge & Benezett's house in Chestnut Street

Plan. Church of the Epiphany.

No. 150 Chesnut [sic] Street Philadelphia.

[A view of the Fairmount Waterworks with Schuylkill in the distance. Taken from the mount.]

Friend's Meeting House. (Side elevation).

U.S. iron clad steamer, New Ironsides.

Interior of the upper chamber or hall of the Moravian Church, of 1742.

Machine à vapeur sur la rivère Schuylkill. = Walet works on the Schuylkill River. = Machina vapore foeta juxta amnen Schuylkill. = Dampfmachine am Schuykill.

Wagner & McGuigan's lithographic & steam power printing establishment Athenian Building, Franklin Place.

Water works of Philadelphia on the Schuylkill.

Northern Liberties & Spring Garden Water Works.

West Philadelphia Sadiron Works, M.L. Keen & Brother, Proprietors.

The Girard College, Philadelphia.

Eastern Penitentiary of Pennsylvania. Near Philadelphia.

[Morocco leather manufactory, B. D. Stewart, S.E. corner of Willow Street and Old York Road, Philadelphia]

U. S. Naval Asylum; State House

View of the Philadelphia alms house : Blockley.

St. Luke's Church, 1840

Girard College, south front of the main building

George W. Watson coach & harness maker. Philadelphia.

Views of a cemetery

The original Moravian Church of 1746 to 1820 with the parsonage, S.E. corner of Moravian Alley (now Race St.) & Race St.

Manayunk near Philadelphia.

[Piper & Andrews, warm air furnace manufactory. Cooking ranges. 82 North Sixth Street, Philadelphia]

U. S. Mint, Philadelphia.

Panorama of Philadelphia from the State House Steeple. South.

Panorama of Philadelphia from the State House steeple. East.

Panorama of Philadelphia from the State House Steeple. North.

Panorama of Philadelphia from the State House steeple. South.

[Knight's patent paper machine, manufactory. A.L. Knight & Co.]

Philadelphia fashions fall & winter 1847 by Samuel A. Ward & Asahel F. Ward, no. 62 Walnut St.

John Baird, steam marble works, Ridge Road above Spring Garden St. Philadelphia.

[J. Willis, shoe manufactory, 241 Arch Street, Philadelphia]

[Robert Shoemaker's wholesale & retail drugstore, corner of Second and Green Streets, Philadelphia]

The gold & silver artificers of Phila. In civic procession 22 Feb 1832.

[N. Helverson undertaker, 93 Coates Street, Philadelphia]

Tamany Fish House, on the Pea Shore, R. Delaware.

A. Koellner, painter, No. 74 corner of Chestnut and Exchange Streets, Philadelphia

View of the department for white children of the House of Refuge.

Guide to Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia.

Running to a fire. A colision [sic].

[William P. Cresson's foundry, Willow above Thirteenth Street, Philadelphia]

Philadelphia, from Camden, - 1850.

37 Crown Street.

Pennsylvania Horticultural Society [certificate].