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You’re Awful Nice!

You’re a gentleman true

Your soul is in.

Your person reminds me

You ugly, low

You think no doubt.

You think, no doubt

You queer looking

You poor pen

You, no doubt,

You, no doubt,

You nasty, drunken,

You looking for

You looking for

You drink so

You Don't Look

You Darling Pet.

You are an ill

With sweet talking

With a fine hat

Why you silly

Who foolishly regards himself.

When I’m stuck

What, my chap

What is it?

A Violin Player.

Ugliest of the fair

 To be out of fashion

To be out of fashion

To a waiting maid.

To a Waiter.

To a Shopkeeper.

To a Labourer.

To a Gossip.

To a Bobby

To a Barman.

‘Tis by your Music

‘Tis all in vain

Tho’ you are Porter

Tho’ in butter

Thou languishing young lady bird


Talking Churchwomen.

Taking Out the Pledge

Stands ther Poulterer

Stable Keeper

Soft Headed Self

Sleepy Looking Harness Maker.

Since You've Had Children

A Sight to Make