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A downright gabbler, or a goose that deserves to be hissed. [graphic]

Emancipation. [graphic] / Th. Nast; King & Baird, Printers, 607 Sansom Street, Philadelphia.

Emancipation: the past and the future. [graphic] / Th. Nast.

Fate of the radical party. [graphic] / JAL; Am. News Co. Agent N.Y.

The great November contest. Patriotism vs bummerism. [graphic]

The first of May 1865 or gen'l moving day in Richmond Va. [graphic] / Lith. by Kimmel & Forster, 254 & 256 Canal St., N.Y.

Fixing a block-head to the Constitution or putting a wart on the nose of old ironsides. [graphic]

"The Freedman's Bureau." [graphic] / Thos. Worth.

A foot-race. [graphic]

[Double-sided proof print containing a racist caricature with a mammy and a comic genre scene with a bookmaker] [graphic] / Bernhard Hall 1902.

All on hobbies, gee up, gee ho! [graphic] / C.

The slavery question: Great prize-fight of the American eagle against the wolf and alligator. [graphic] / WA.

Slavery as it exists in America : Slavery as it exists in England. [graphic]

Slave emancipation; or John Bull gulled out of twenty million. [graphic]

The shackle broken - by the genius of freedom [graphic] / Lith. & Print. by E. Sachse & Co.

"Your plan and mine." [graphic]

Worship of the North. [graphic]

Where's my thunder? [graphic].

A strike! A strike! [graphic] / C.

Southern ideas of liberty ; New method of assorting the mail, as practised by southern slave-holders, or attack on the post office, Charleston, S.C. [graphic]

The travelled monkey - wiser & sadder. [graphic] / JML.

West India luxury!! [graphic] / J.F.

Views of slavery : [graphic] / Does the slaveholder admit the slave to be a human being? If so we would ask his interpretation of the following sentiment "Whatsoever ye would that men should do unto you, do you even so to them."

The two platforms. [graphic]

Jeff. Davis in prison.

An affecting scene in Kentucky. [graphic]

Abraham's dream! : "Coming events cast their shadows before." [graphic].

The abolition Garrison in danger & the narrow escape of the Scotch Ambassador. [graphic]

Congressional surgery legislative quakery. [graphic] / A., Del.

Congressional surgery legislative quakery. [graphic] / A., Del.

The Clay compromise - a settler. [graphic]

A confederacy against the Constitution and the rights of the people with an historical view of the component parts of this diabolical transaction [graphic].

The bloody massacre perpetuated in King Street, Boston, on March 5th, 1770, by a party of the 25th Regt. [graphic] / engrav'd, printed & sold by Paul Revere, Boston.

A "dodge" that won't work. [graphic] / J. Cameron.

[Scraps no. 3 for 1832] [graphic] / Designed, engraved and published by D.C. Johnston, 19 Water St.

[Scraps no. 3. for 1832] [graphic] / Designed engraved and published by D.C. Johnston.

[Scraps no. 3 for 1832] [graphic] / Designed engraved & published by D.C. Johnston 19 Water St.

[Scraps no. 3 for 1832] [graphic] / Designed engraved & published by D.C. Johnston.

The Salt River gazette---extra, Wednesday, Oct. 9, 1867. [graphic]: The Great Negro Party--born, 1856--died Oct. 8, 1867.

The results of abolitionism. [graphic]

Not very like a whale but very like a fish. Seventh Ward Promenades. [graphic] /. A. Shad

Northern coat of arms. [graphic]

Practical amalgamation. [graphic]

Pore lil' Mose sends his Pa a valentine. [graphic] / R.F. Outcault.

Political caricature no.3. The abolition catastrophe, or the November smash-up. [graphic]

Pay day at the custom house, N.Y. [graphic] / Magee, del.

The past and the future. [graphic] / Th. Nast.

The precarious situation. [graphic]

Practical illustration of the Virginia Constitution. [graphic]: White man the bottom rail.