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[A. & J. B. Bartholomew trade cards]

A. Erkenbrecher's St. Bernhard Starch Works, Cincinnati, O.

A. Heinman men's furnishing goods, No. 140 No. Eighth Str. Philadelphia.

[A. J. Chauveau trade cards]

A. Maron, 1612 Chestnut Stret, Philadelphia.

A. Singer, gent's, ladies', misses' and childrens, fine shoes, 104 N. Second St., Philadelphia.

[A.C. Yates & Co. clothing trade cards]

[Academy of Music trade cards]

[A.D. Curran & Co. trade cards]

After the performance, stop at the New Home Dining Rooms, for good oysters, salads & a delicious cup of tea or coffee. J.M. Sparks, No. 11 N. Tenth St.

A.G. Brooks, machinery exchange, 261 N. Third Street, Philadelphia, Pa., U.S.A.

A.J. Bunn's billiard and sample rooms, 1207 Chestnut St.

Albert L. West, with Russell & Armstrong, manufacturers of paper and bags, branch store, S.E. cor. Third and Vine Sts., Philadelphia.

American brass bedsteads, all sizes and a variety of designs. John J. DeZouche & Co., S.E. corner Thirteenth and Chestnut Streets, Philadelphia.

The American Health Cushion Co.

[American Sewing Machine Company trade cards]

[American Sunday-School Union trade card]

The American, S.W. cor. Webb & Beach Avenues, Ocean Grove, N.J.

"And then, the lover sighing like furnace."

Andrew Beash, wagon and carriage painter, 4119 Market Street, West Philadelphia.

Andrew D. Cramer, wholesale & retail grocer, 241 Main St., Poughkeepsie, N.Y.

Annie Fox.

Anniversary greeting. Stern Brothers, Frankford, Philadelphia, Pa.

Arbuckle's ariosa coffee. Arbuckle Bros. Coffee Company, New York. [graphic].

[Armand Dalsemer trade cards]

Aromatic Pino-Palmine Mattress. 915 Arch St., 113 N. Front Street, Phila. and 115 Water St., Boston, Mass.

Arthars popular ice cream & dining rooms for ladies & gentlemen, 33 South Sixth St., 4 doors ab. Chestnut, Philadelphia.

Ask for Liebig Company's extract of meat. Annual sale, four million jars.

Ask for P. Cox & Bro.'s fine shoes.

Atkinson & Bair, manufacturers of fine harness, N.W. cor. 10th and Arch Sts., Philadelphia.

Atmore's mince meat and genuine English plum pudding.

Auburn water, 1005 Walnut St., Philad'a.

Auner's printing office, No. 110 North Tenth Street, above Arch, Philadelphia.

B. F. DuBois, jeweler, No. 12 N. Second St., Philadelphia.

Bailey & Co.'s mammoth 5 ct. store, 13 North Eighth Street.

[Bailey, Banks & Biddle trade cards]

[Bartholomay Brewing Co. trade cards]

Beauty on the street--front view.

The beginning and the end of life (hold the picture 1 foot away for life and 20 feet for death.) Presented by William Deering & Co. Chicago, Ill. Grain & grass machinery.

Benedict, Miller & Co., manufacturers of umbrellas and parasols, No. 39 North Sixth Street, Philadelphia.

Benj. C. Hornor, manufacturer of varnishes, Japans, &c. Dealer in gum copal spts. turpentines &c. No. 81 Arch St. Philadelphia.

The best flour inside.