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J. Ashbrook, Jr. Successor to J. Ashbrook & Son, fine family groceries, S.W. cor. 2nd & Queen Sts., Philad'a.

[Charles W.R. Smith trade cards]

[Wanamaker & Brown trade cards]

National College of Commerce, 1200 and 1202 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.

Miss E. Levy, 1018 Chestnut St., Phila. Umbrellas & parasols, leather goods, fans.

Philadelphia lawn mowers at Horticultural Hall, Fairmount Park.

Hartley Knight, carpets, 1222 Chestnut Street, Philada.

[Jones & Fisher trade cards]

[Samuel F. Simes trade cards]

Dreka, 1121 Chestnut St., Philadelphia.

Ask for P. Cox & Bro.'s fine shoes.

T. Gorham, carpenter and builder, No. 3852 Lancaster Ave. or No. 3707 Haverford St.

Shafer's pure fruit syrups.

The celluloid corset clasps side & dress steels.

"It's easy to dye with Diamond Dyes"

E.D. Trymby, furniture, 1217 Market Street, Philadelphia.

C.C. Whitenack, commercial photographer, 1944 N. Camac Street, Philadelphia

Peter Schwindt, ladies' and gents' fine shoes, No. 1208 Columbia Avenue, Philadelphia.

[James S. Loag trade cards]

The Weston and Wells Manufacturing Company. Office 123 South Second Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

Compliments of the Philadelphia Extention Top Shifting Seat Phaeton Co. C.K. Mellinger, patentee. Factory and salesroom; 2230 & 2232 Hamilton Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

"Study & follow nature." O.S. Fowler.

Matthew H. Fifield, machinist, light "special" machinery and models. Also tools for jewelers, silversmiths, dentists and sheet metal workers, No. 3015 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.

The celebrated Sohmer Pianos are at present the most popular and preferred by the leading artists.

Lavine, Hartford Chemical Works, 30 Union Place. Try Lavine for washing.

Bailey & Co.'s mammoth 5 ct. store, 13 North Eighth Street.

[Wm. Gunzer trade cards]

Vacuum Harness Oil, renders everything soft and pliable. For sale here.

Chew, smoke Old Abe fine cut smoking, B. Leidersdorf & Co., Milwaukee, Wis.

Ph. J. Lauber's restaurant, Centennial grounds, near Horticultural Hall.

[S. Zugsmith's trade cards]

Frank P. Brown, plumber, steam and gas fitter, No. 53 North Sixth Street, below Arch, Philadelphia.

Greer & Son, N.E. cor. Tenth and Walnut Sts., Philadelphia.

[Hassler's trade cards]

R.L. Shute, 695 Broadway, below 4th St., west side, New York.

Aromatic Pino-Palmine Mattress. 915 Arch St., 113 N. Front Street, Phila. and 115 Water St., Boston, Mass.

Wm. H. Hoskins, 913 Arch St., Philad'a. Lithographer & engraver. Stationer & blank book manufacturer. Steam power printer.

Inscho, manufacturer of best 25 cent confectionery in the city. No. 1317 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.

D. Wilmot Richardson, fashionable hatter, 2024 & 2026 Callowhill St., Philadelphia.

Comlyville power loom factory. No. [blank] 50 1/2 yards. Warranted fast colours. J. Steel.

Compliments of Charles E. Ford's English Comic Opera Co. St. Valentine's Day, 1882.

Geo. W. Flagg, banker and broker, 255 Thames St., Newport, R.I.

[The Goodwin Gas Stove & Meter Co.'s Sun Dial gas stove trade cards]