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Beckwourth, James Pierson, Mrs.

Woman Chief.

Rumpff, Eliza Astor, 1801-1838.

Women of the Flower family.

Dickerman sisters.

King, Mary, 1826-1839.

Lady in black.

Dreadful tragedy.

Bodine, Polly.

Chase, Jane, 1832-1846.

Wirt, Agnes Cabell, 1814-1830.

Corcoran, Hannah, 1836-

Missionary sisters.

Crossen, Phebe, 1837-1857.

Bolton, Abby, 1827-1849.

Jackson, Rachel, 1767-1828.

Berry, Eliza.

Murder of Mr. Corlis.

Soby, Elizabeth.

Tregomaine, Mrs.

Parker, Dorothy, Mrs.

Rawson, Rebecca, 1656-1692.

Fredericks, Mlle.

Smith, Mary Ellen, -1849.

Walters, Anna.

Walters, Ann Smith, 1812-1844

Wadsworth, James, Mrs.

Paul, Almira.

Gaines, Myra Clark, 1805-1885.

Cushman, Charlotte, 1817-1876.

Ketchum, Miss.

Poulson, Susannah Knorr, 1756-1830