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American Song Sheets, Slip Ballads and Poetical Broadsides Collection

John C. Browne Photograph Albums

David Doret Ephemera Collection

Library Company of Philadelphia Miscellaneous Ephemera Collection

Stereograph Collection

Frank H. Taylor Illustration Collection

Toudy, Henry J.


Machinery Hall - North Avenue - April 1

The Hudson, from the wilderness to the sea

Rambles in wonderland, or, Up the Yellowstone, and among the geysers and other curiosities of the National park

ASSU Illustration 7864

Rambles in Mount Desert : with sketches of travel on the New England coast, from isles of Shoals to Grand Menan

Japaneses bronzes - Main Building.

Philadelphia city guide

Guns in Front of Government Building

Jolly Jack

Poems by Thomas Buchanan Read

ASSU Illustration 9021


Religious dissensions: their cause and cure

ASSU Illustration 7903

ASSU Illustration 3898

Francis, John F.

Proverbial philosophy

American or standard whist

To a Stonecutter.

The priciples of the art of modern horsemanship, for ladies and gentlemen

Louisiana envelope

Friend Jane envelope

ASSU Illustration 873

Oh! Gentle Lady, you know full well.

You are my Darling.

Blicker, George

Smith. B. F. (Benjamin Franklin) Jr.

The pastor's story and other pieces, or, Prose and poetry

Friend, Norman

Coffee : its history, cultivation, and uses

Incidents of travel in Egypt, Arabia Petræa, and the Holy Land

Doctor Thorne, a novel

The elements of natural theology

A treatise on hydrostatics and pneumatics


Two lectures on the connection between the Biblical and physical history of man

Colton's traveler and tourist's route-book

A Booby.

View of the United States

History of the conquest of Mexico

Forest life and forest trees : comprising winter camp-life among the loggers, and wild-wood adventure.


Medical register of the District of Columbia, 1867

O, could I weave a mystic charm

Prospectus of the Cairo City and Canal Company

The hand-book of needlework

Transept - Machinery Hall

Civil War era paper soldiers collection. [graphic].

ASSU Illustration 7808


Friendship's token; and the lover's gift

Keeping house and houskeeping.  A story of domestic life.

The mountain of the lovers : with poems of nature and tradition


Prize Medal Skater.

The family doctor: a dictionary of domestic medicine and surgery, especialy adapted for family use

McClay, Samuel

A Contemptible Man.

Literary remains of John Leadbeater, Jr.

Poems, by Mrs. Mary Noel McDonald


ASSU Illustration 1976

The life and adventures of Nicholas Nickleby

Log Cabin Studies, 'Spinning'

The economy of health; or, The stream of human life, from the cradle to the grave.

Some Pumpkins, Esq.

Ladies' crochet manual

Letters on female character

U.S. Government Building and State Avenue from West end.

The sheepfold and the common; or, The evangelical rambler

ASSU Illustration 3476

To a Tinker.

Moron, a tale of the Alhambra


John Milton, his life and times...

Oregon and California in 1848

Murphy, William F.

Willy's rambles, :  for young children

Three hours school a day : A talk with parents

ASSU Illustration 3643


ASSU Illustration 9246

The clubs of London

The family power

The Acts of the Apostles

The Book of science

the masonic text-book


Grantling, Charles P.

ASSU Illustration 5915

A Shrew and Brawler.

History of the churches and ministers in Wisconsin

The origin of the North American Indians : with a faithful description of their manners and customs

Colossal hand and torch "Liberty".

Bertha's visit to her uncle in England

Pen and pencil

The elements of moral science.

ASSU Illustration 6204

The lady of the lake

A visit to Texas

Johnson, James

Nicaragua : its people, scenery, monuments, and the proposed interoceanic canal

Indian wars of the United States, from the discovery to the present time

Kohl, August

Allen, Christopher

Memoir of Anna Jane Linnard

Letters from the backwoods and the Adirondac

Proverbial philosophy

A treatise on sheep