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Our relations at home and abroad.


The dawn of liberty [graphic] : General Gage said "The very children here draw on a love of liberty with the air they breathe. You may go my brave boys, and be assured if my troops trouble you again they shall be punished." / Max Rosenthal del.; L.N. Rose

Pony riding, Camp Emlen, Norwood, Montg. Co., Pa. Conducted by Wissahickon Boys Club, Germantown, Phila.

Maj. Gen. Cassius M. Clay

[Ruins of the Hall]

Ende der Feindseeligkeiten. Die Englander raumen den Americanern Neu-Yorck ein - 1783.

Proclamation of Emancipation. By the President of the United States of America

Liberty Stove Works

The old Phila. fire department. Period of 1850. The great engine contest on Sunday evening July 7th 1850 at 5th & Market sts.

Dr. Franklin erhalt, als Gesandter des Americanischen Frey Staats, seine erste Audienz in Frankreich, zu Versailles. am 20ten Martz 1778.

Jno. W. Holm

The Card Player

Do They Miss Me at Home

Girard's Bank, late the Bank of the United States, in Third Street Philadelphia [graphic] / Drawn & Published by W. Birch Enamel Painter 1800.

Second Street north from Market St. wth. Christ Church. Philadelphia [graphic] / Designed & Published by W. Birch Enamel Painter 1800.

Marriage of Tom Thumb.

Free negroes in the North

Writing the Emancipation Proclamation

Free negroes in Haiti

Life in Philadelphia. The cut direct. or getting up in the world.

Life in Philadelphia. The cut direct. or getting up in the world.

Life in Philadelphia. The cut direct. or how to get up in the world.

Exeter Hall. The Lion weeps: "Is he not a bird and a brother?" [graphic]

Grand tableau of the future. The little child, Liberty, shall lead them. [graphic]

For the precise period at which this occurred, consult history. [graphic]

The Eagle vindicates the Monroe Doctrine in Mexico. [graphic]

Introduction of Master Swamp Angel: the Lion pockets his Rams. [graphic]

Grand combat between the Eagle and the Wolf. [graphic]

The arming of the Wolf by his faithful squire. [graphic]

Which temporarily astonished even the Gallic Cock. [graphic]

Who responded with warlike vigor when the Lion caved. [graphic]

The Mexican Vulture garroted by the Gallic Cock. [graphic]

On England's muggy shore a surly lion gave a grievous roar! [graphic]

Which he forgets in the embrace of the belligerent Wolf of the C.S.A. [graphic]

Life in New York

Chesnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia.

Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church, Philada.

Smuggling medicines into the South [graphic].

Enlistment of Sickles brigade [graphic].







African Americana Civil War envelope collection [graphic].