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Attention! Co. C, Blue Reserves : Rally for the third time, in defence of your home and your country. Do not be backward--you are needed. Rolls of this crack company are now open at the armory, No. 505 Chestnut St., 4th story / S.M. Janney, Captain B.T. J

First Regiment (Grays) Reserve Brigade. Company F. : Philadelphia, [blank] 186[blank] The company will assemble at the armory, on [blank] at [blank] for parade in [blank] Punctual attendance is required. / By order of Jos. N. Peirsol, Captain. Chas. H. Fe

Corn Exchange Regiment. : $160 bounty Young, active, able-bodied men wanted at once to fill the Corn Exchange Regiment. Pay, rations and uniform from the day of enrollment. $10 extra bounty paid to each recruit as soon as he is accepted. / Apply to Captai

Recruits wanted for Co. F Curtin Light Guard Regiment, P.V. : Col. H.J. Stainrook. Organized under the state and accepted by the federal government. Recruits will be mustered into service, and pay and rations commence immediately. Well drilled men who can

Philadelphia City Guard! Col. Wm. A. Gray. : Able-bodied men wanted for Co. E. Bounties: Citizens' bounty, $200 One month's pay in advance, 13 Enlistment premium, 2 Govern't bounty, $100 Advance, 25 Expiration of enlistment, 75 $240 cash to each recruit.

Wanted a few good men : to fill up Capt. Jos. Archambault's company, attached to the 2d Pennsylvania Reg't of Cavalry. Col. R. Butler Price, commanding. Pay to commence on enrollment and sent to camp immediately, neary Darby. Head quarters, 106 South Sixt

Blue Reserves! Company K, rally for your country! : Recruits wanted for this company, at their armory, 505 Chestnut Street, fifth story. / George W. Classmire, 1st Lieut. J.F. McCarty, Captain. Late of Baxter's Fire Zouaves. All the bounties given when mu

26th Regiment Penn. Vol's First Brigade Hooker's fighting division!

Second Infantry Regiment, 1st Brg: 1st Div. P.V. National Guard Good active men wanted for Co. D! : Call at once! At head-quarters, No. 605 Arch St. / Capt. J.B. Dehaven, First LIeut. Elias W. Shertz. Second Lieut. Wm. J. Gilbert.

This regiment is the Twenty-fourth of the Penna. Volunteers : accepted for three years, and entitled to all the bounties, pensions, and emoluments of the state laws.

Fall in! March to defend your state! : Recruits are wanted for Company C, Second Regiment, Reserve Brigade! Arms and accoutrements ready. Armory, Board of Trade Building, 505 Chestnut St., 3d story.

Men of the 15th Ward avoid the draft! : The 5th of September is coming! Company "C" 6th Union League Regiment! Colonel H.G. Sickel, commanding, for one year. ... Total for one year's service, $742 $483 cash down. Headquarters, Eighteenth and Green Streets

Capt. Baldwin's Zouave Corps attached to Colonel John M. Gosline's Penna. Zouaves, : will recruit a few more good men to full up company. Apply immediately at armory N.W. cor. Sixth & Chestnut Sts. fifth story.

Fall in, "Blues!" : $50 bounty! Recruits wanted for Co. H, Blue Reserves Apply at 8th & Spring Garden Sts. or 505 Chestnut Street. / [blank] Captain. 1st Lieutenant, [blank] 2d Lieutenant, [blank] O. Serg't, [blank]

Bounty! Bounty!! Bounty!!! : Avoid the draft and get your bounty! Co. B Capt. A. McI. Robertson, late of the artillery reserve, Army of the Potomac. Roberts' Heavy Artillery.

To arms! $10 extra bounty! $10 extra bounty! : Recruits wanted for an independent company of infantry! For 3 months' duty in the city's service only! Apply at the armory, No. 12 North Fourth Street. / Capt. P. Wagner.

1st Pa. Cavalry Regiment for the first brigade. : Headquarters, 110 South Sixth Street. Col. J.C. Hess. $100 bounty $50 cash in hand when mustered.

Avoid the draft $150 bounty! $50 cash, : to all those patriotic men joining a company of Maj. B.T. Janney's battalion First Pa. Cavalry Col. J.C. Hess, commanding. At the recruiting station, No. 1013 Passayunk Road between Carpenter St. and Washington Ave

$50 bounty! Rally men of Philadelphia for the defence of your city and state. : Recruits wanted for company E, First Regiment Grey Reserves! Armory---Broad Street, below Race. Come to the rescue. Equipment furnished and bounty paid.

Col. Baxter's Philadelphia Fire Zouaves. : Recruits wanted! Who will be mustered in, equipped, and sent to camp immediately. Office, No. 527 Chestnut St., up stairs.

$165 bounty! Recruits wanted for Co. G, Zouaves d'Afrique : Don't wait to be drafted! But volunteer at once. / Apply to Lieut. Joseph T. Lea, Falls of Schuylkill.

Programme of the order of exercises at the re-raising of the United States flag, on Fort Sumter, Charleston, S.C. : April 14th, 1865, on the fourth anniversary of the evacuation of the fort.

Union tent of the Young Men's Christian Association, : Broad & Green Streets. Services every evening, except Saturday, commencing at 8 o'clock, also on Sunday, at 4 o'clock P.M.

Attention! Company C Germantown Home Guard. : All members are ordered to report at the armory this evening, at 8 o'clock, to organize as a minute men for city defence / By order of M.J. Biddle, Captain. Bayard Butler, First Sergeant. P.S.--The citizens of

Rally! Rally! Rally! Head-quarters, 23d Ward Troop! : July [blank] 1863. Attention! Twenty-third Ward Troop, will report themselves at [blank] o'clock, this day, in citizens' dress, mounted for parade and drill. / By command of Capt. William C. Murphy, re

"How are you" cavalry? Col. Hess's new regiment! : 1st Penn'a Cavalry $150 bounty! $50 cash! Each recruit will be mustered in and sent to camp as soon as enlisted. Co. B. / Capt. Reynolds No. 22 South 4th Street. I.W. Heysinger, G.A. Sharp, lieutenants.