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The gunboat candidate at the Battle of Malvern Hill. [graphic]

The last ditch of chivalry or, a president in petticoats [graphic].

The peninsular campaign [graphic]

Uncle Sam's Menagerie [graphic].

Union and Liberty [graphic] / H. Whateley; [T. Sinclair's Lith. Phila.]

1832. Democracy. 1864 [graphic].

A Thrilling Incident During Voting [graphic] : 18th Ward, Philadelphia, Oct. 11 / An Old man ...

A disloyal British "subject" [graphic].

The Political "Siamese" Twins [graphic] : The Offspring Of Chicago Miscegenation.

The True Issue, Or, "Thats Whats The Matter" [graphic].

The War Candidate On A Peace Platform [graphic].

The battle of Booneville, or, the great Missouri "Lyon" hunt [graphic] / [Currier & Ives].

The capture of Jeff Davis [graphic] : His last official act "the adoption of a new rebel uniform." He attempts to "clear his skirts," but finds it "all up in Dixie" / Giles.

The capture of an unprotected female, or the close up of the rebellion. [graphic] J. Cameron

Offering a substitute. A scene in the office of the provost marshall [graphic].

Platforms Illustrated [graphic] : [Two scenes:] Baltimore, Chicago.

Battle of Booneville Missouri, June 18th 1861 [graphic] : a Sketch of Genl. Price commander of the Rebel Forces taken with a Violent Diarrhea at the beginning of the Battle [graphic] / (See Daily Papers, June 20th).

Dissolving Views of Richmond [graphic] : Scene 1st.

Distinguished militia gen'l during an action. [graphic].

Gallant capture of a ladys wardrobe by the brave troops of Florida [graphic].

Grand Federal Menagerie!! [graphic] : Now on Exhibition!!.

Head Quarters At Harrison's Landing [graphic] : "See evidence before Committee on Conduct of the War".

Heads Of The Democracy [graphic].

Home "on sick leave" [graphic] / . Edw. F. Mullen N.Y.

How Columbia receives McClellan's Salutation from The Chicago Platform [graphic].

In Council [graphic].

Jeff Davis, On His Own Platform, or the last "act of secession" [graphic].

Jeff's Last Skedaddle [graphic] : Off To The Last Ditch. How Jeff In His Extremity Put His Navel Affairs ...

Jeff's Last Skedaddle [graphic] : Off To The Last Ditch. How Jeff In His Extremity Put His Navel Affairs ...

Jeff's last shift [graphic] : Capture of Jeff. Davis / May 10th 1865, At Irwinsville, Ga.

Jeff. Davis caught at last. Hoop skirts & Southern chivalry. [graphic].

Little Mac Trying To Dig His Way To The White House But Is Frightened By Spiritual Manifestations [graphic].

Little Mac's Double Feat Of Equitation [graphic].

Why don't you take it? [graphic].

Why dont you take it? [graphic] / Friz del.

Yankee volunteers marching into Dixie. "Yankee Doodle keep it up, Yankee Doodle Dandy." [graphic] / J.H. Bufford's Lith, Boston.

Ye Conference [graphic].

Young England [graphic] : O, shameful England! Greedy puffed with pride, a friend in sore distress, thy false heart hath denied.

Running the "Machine" [graphic].

South Carolina's "Ultimatum" [graphic].

The "Secession Movement" [graphic].

The Blockade of the "Connecticut Plan" [graphic] / Respectfully dedicated to the Secretary of the Navy.

The Chicago Platform [graphic].

The Chicago Platform, What Is It, Peace Or War [graphic].

The Copperhead Millenium [graphic] : "And the Lion and the Lamb shall lie down together," And Sammy Barlow shall lead them.

The Head Of The Confederacy On A New Base [graphic].

The Hercules Of The Union, Slaying The Great Dragon Of Secession [graphic].

The Old Bull Dog On The Right Track [graphic].

The Old General Ready For A "Movement" [graphic].