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Jeff. Davis in prison. [graphic].

1832. Democracy. 1864 [graphic].

The abolition Garrison in danger & the narrow escape of the Scotch Ambassador. [graphic]

Abraham's dream! : "Coming events cast their shadows before." [graphic].

An affecting scene in Kentucky. [graphic]

All on hobbies, gee up, gee ho! [graphic] / C.

American sympathy and Irish blackguardism. [graphic] / EWC.

Apologies for Tippling [graphic] / Woodward del Wm. Charles Sculp.

Arms of ye confederacie. [graphic] / H.H. Tilley Del. et Sc.

Banks & bribery, v.s. balls & bumbs scene 1st [graphic] : Or the destruction of aristocracy monopoly and oppression / From a splendid picter, draw'd for the Jineral by Zek Downing, historical painter to Uncle Jack & Jineral Jackson.

Battle of Booneville Missouri, June 18th 1861 [graphic] : a Sketch of Genl. Price commander of the Rebel Forces taken with a Violent Diarrhea at the beginning of the Battle [graphic] / (See Daily Papers, June 20th).

The battle of Booneville, or, the great Missouri "Lyon" hunt [graphic] / [Currier & Ives].

The battle of Bull's Run [graphic].

The black Republicans at their devotions. [graphic]

The Blockade of the "Connecticut Plan" [graphic] / Respectfully dedicated to the Secretary of the Navy.

The bloody massacre perpetuated in King Street, Boston, on March 5th, 1770, by a party of the 25th Regt. [graphic] / engrav'd, printed & sold by Paul Revere, Boston.

The capture of an unprotected female, or the close up of the rebellion. [graphic] J. Cameron

The capture of Jeff Davis [graphic] : His last official act "the adoption of a new rebel uniform." He attempts to "clear his skirts," but finds it "all up in Dixie" / Giles.

A case of infectious fever (from "84 South Street, 4 doors from Callowhill Street," Philadelphia) before the New York Board of Health [graphic].

The Chicago Platform [graphic].

The Chicago Platform, What Is It, Peace Or War [graphic].

The chivalry at the English court. [graphic]

The Cincinnati platform, or the way to make a new state in 1856. [graphic]

The Clay compromise - a settler. [graphic]

Col. Fremont's last grand exploring expedition in 1856. [graphic] /. For Sale at no. 2 Spruce St. N.Y.

A confederacy against the Constitution and the rights of the people with an historical view of the component parts of this diabolical transaction [graphic].

Congressional surgery legislative quakery. [graphic] / A., Del.

Congressional surgery legislative quakery. [graphic] / A., Del.

'Conquering prejudice, 'or 'fulfilling a constitutitional duty with alacrity.' [graphic] /. P. Kramer.

The Copperhead Millenium [graphic] : "And the Lion and the Lamb shall lie down together," And Sammy Barlow shall lead them.

Jeff. Davis in prison.

The Declaration of Independence illustrated. [graphic] / Fabronius; Designed by R. Thayer; L. Prang & Co. Lith, Boston.

The Democratic platform [graphic]

The dis-united states or the Southern Confederacy. [graphic]

The disappointed abolitionists. [graphic] / C.

A disloyal British "subject" [graphic].

Dissolving Views of Richmond [graphic] : Scene 1st.

Distinguished militia gen'l during an action. [graphic].

A "dodge" that won't work. [graphic] / J. Cameron.

[Double-sided proof print containing a racist caricature with a mammy and a comic genre scene with a bookmaker] [graphic] / Bernhard Hall 1902.

A downright gabbler, or a goose that deserves to be hissed. [graphic]

The election a medley, humbly inscribed, to Squire Lilliput Professor of Scurrillity. [graphic]

The election a medley, humbly inscribed, to Squire Lilliput Professor of Scurrillity. [graphic].

Emancipation. [graphic] / Th. Nast; King & Baird, Printers, 607 Sansom Street, Philadelphia.

Emancipation: the past and the future. [graphic] / Th. Nast.

Fate of the radical party. [graphic] / JAL; Am. News Co. Agent N.Y.

The Fifteenth Amendment. Celebrated May 19th 1870. [graphic] / From an original design by James C. Beard.

The first of May 1865 or gen'l moving day in Richmond Va. [graphic] / Lith. by Kimmel & Forster, 254 & 256 Canal St., N.Y.

Fixing a block-head to the Constitution or putting a wart on the nose of old ironsides. [graphic]

The follies of the age, vive la humbug!! [graphic]