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Historia Naturale

Das Buch der Schatzbehalter

Pierre Eugène du Simitière collection finding aid

Hortus Sanitatis


Wood from the Petite Hermine

Nigritae exhaustis venis metallicis conficiendo saccharo operam dare debent. [graphic].

Nigritae in scrutandis venis metallicis ab Hispanis in Insulas Abelgantur. [graphic].


Von den Innwohnern des Königreichs Loango, auch von den Anziguern, auss dem V. Capitel dess ersten Buchs [graphic].

Von denen so Biagas genannt werden, im IX. Capitels des andern Buchs [graphic].

Von den Weibern in Monomotapa, auss dem IX. Capitel dess andern Buchs [graphic].

Instructions for Sr Arthure Chicester.

Instructions for Sr Arthur Chichester : Knight Baron of Belfast and deputie of our realme of Ireland.

The Generall Historie of Virginia, New-England and the Summer Isles.

An inhabitant of Angola [graphic].


Le Theatre Du Monde Ou Nouvel Atlas


CCXI. sociable letters / written by the thrice noble, illustrious, and excellent princess, the Lady

[The Jages; Kingdom of Monoe-mugi, or Nimeamaye] [graphic].

[How the gold is taken up in the river; Negroland] [graphic].

[Anna Xinga and her commanders] [graphic].

[The king of Benin and his army] [graphic].

[Funeral in Negroland] [graphic].

[The king's seat] [graphic].

[The Koredo] [graphic].

["Household-stuff"; Negroland] [graphic].

[Ehem, or little boats, and jenge-jenge, or African bridges, in Negroland] [graphic].

Dracht en wapening der Hottentots = The Hottentots clothing and their dress. [graphic].

[The manner of making sugar in the sugar-mills, Brazil] [graphic].

Tall Case Clock

Willam and Mary Secretary Desk

La figure des moulins a sucre [graphic] / A. W. delin. ; H.B. s.

The Homilies of Michael

Mechanick Exercises

Logan family papers finding aid

Tall Case Clock

Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica, a

Nail from Christ Church, Philadelphia

Pewter Plate

Commerce des Esclaves [graphic].

[Punishments for deserters] [graphic].

William Penn's William and Mary Secretary Desk.

Proprietor of Pennsylvania accounts finding aid

The Spectator

Logic, Or, the Art of Thinking.

The South East Prospect of the City of Philadelphia

A mapp of ye improved part of Pensilvania in America [cartographic material] : divided into countyes, townships and lotts / Surveyed by Thomas Holme.

American Weekly Mercury