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Benjn. Randolph cabinet maker, at the golden eagle in Chesnut Street between Third and Fourth Streets, Philadelphia : [graphic] Makes all sorts of cabinet & chair work. Likewise carving, gildings &c. performed in the Chinese and modern tastes. / I. Smithe

Das goldene A B C für jederman, der gern mit Ehren wollt bestahn.

An essay of a declaration of rights, : brought in by the committee appointed for that purpose, and now under the consideration of the Convention of the State of Pennsylvania..

Christlicher Haus-Segen, nebst der Zwölf Stunden-Gedächtniss.

One penny specie.

Trade cards, advertisements, and bill heads for Philadelphia merchants.

Jefferson ist Präsident!

12036.F.a recto

12036.F.a verso

12036.F.b recto

12036.F.b verso

12036.F.c recto

12036.F.c verso

12036.F.d recto

Christlicher Stundenweiser.

Bot of Mord. & Sam. N. Lewis, no. 135 South Front Street near the drawbridge, agents of the Philadelphia Lead Works.

Neujahrs-Wunsch des Herumträgers des Lancaster Adlers, an seine Kunden, bey dem Eintritt des Jahrs 1829.

[Collection of samples of raised-letter line types for printing for the blind.]

[Helen Beitler graphic ephemera collection]

The Lord's prayer.

Hotel receipts collection

Geistlicher Irrgarten

On the crucifixion of our Saviour and the two thieves.

Menu collection

Robert Moderwell's transportation line for Philadelphia and Lancaster, warehouse fronting on North Queen Street and the Penna. Rail Road, Lancaster.

A. L. Gerhart & Co.'s commission & forwarding warehouse, No. 365 Market Street.

A. Wright & Nephew, Vine Street Wharf, Delaware.

Der Regenbogen.

Wunsch zum neuen Jahre.

Fire company ephemera collection

Wunsch zum Neuen Jahre.

The life & age of man. Stages of man's life from the cradle to the grave. [graphic].

Receipts collection

The great Know Nothing song, "I don't know."

Thomas Borbidge, forwarding and commission merchant, no. 278 Market Street.

Ein vortressliches Mittel gegen die Wassersucht.