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[Christmas display in grand court of John Wanamaker department store, Philadelphia) [graphic].

[Stevens-Cogdell and Sanders-Venning family portrait collection]

Wanamaker's new building operation, Jan[uar]y. 6th, 1909 [graphic]

Wanamakers, 5 mo. 1899. Market St. Front.

[Stevens-Cogdell/Sanders-Venning family photographs]

[Architectural drawing of the front elevation of Strawbridge & Clothier, 8th and Market Streets, Philadelphia] [graphic]

[J.H.R. Richelderfer, manufacturer of gent's fine shirts & collars, 1032 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia] [graphic]

[First floor plan of John Wanamaker's grand depot, 1887] [graphic].

John Wanamaker's grand depot [graphic].

United States Laboratory 1800, Arsenal Grays Ferry Road, 1882. [graphic] / B. R. Evans.

North side of Chestnut St., extending from Sixth to Seventh St., 1851. [graphic] / B.R. Evans del.

[Unidentified African American man with a dog]

S.W. corner 8th & Chestnut Street, 1851. [graphic] / B.R. Evans.

John B. Stetson & Co., manufacturers of fine fur soft and stiff felt hats, Philadelphia. : [graphic] Office and salesroom, 1746-62 North 4th St. Philadelphia. Salesroom, 546 Broadway, New York. Phototype [by] F. Gutekunst.

Centennial Circular 1876.

Brown & Magee, manufacturers, 708 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia [graphic].

Philadelphia, Paris & New-York fashions, for spring & summer of 1864. Published and sold by F. Mahan, no. 911, Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.

Mrs. S. A. Lingle, 734 Spring Garden St. [graphic].

H.G. Clagston, 806 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, manufacturer of military and naval goods. [graphic] : Corps badges- - - Army of the Potomac.

[Portrait of an unidentified, bearded man, head tilted slightly to his left.]

Baxter's panoramic business directory of Philadelphia. Chestnut Street from Seventh to Eighth, (south side). [graphic].

Chestnut Street from Seventh to Sixth, (north side). [graphic].

[Bootmaker with a boot on the table beside him.]

Thos. W. Mattson, 402 Market Street, one door above Fourth Street, south side. The most extensive trunk & carpet bag manufacturer in Philadelphia. [graphic] / Mumford & Haas sc.

[McAllister & Brother, opticians, 728 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia] [graphic] / A. Bigot, del.

Joseph Ripka's mills. Manayunk 21st Ward Philadelphia. Manufacturer of all description of plain and fancy cottonades for men & boy's clothing warehouse 32 So Front St. [graphic] / Lith. of W. H. Rease N.E. cor. 4th & Chesnut.

[Bnjn. Swain, umbrella & parasol manufactory billhead.] [graphic] / Joseph Henry Byram.

South view. Looking towards Navy Yard, Southwark and Moyamensing.

[Portrait of an unidentified couple.]

Great Central Depot, southwest corner of 7th and Market Streets. [graphic].

The Philadelphia fashions & tailors' archetypes. / Published by Samuel A. Ward & Asahel F. Ward. July, 1849. No. 62 Walnut Street, S.W. corner of Third and Walnut Streets. Philadelphia, Penn.

Algernon Roberts, 1828-1868. Age about 21. Pencoyd

Two of the killers. [graphic].

Philadelphia fashions, spring & summer 1845, by S. A. & A. F. Ward no. 62 Walnut St.

[Elsie Todd]

[Fashion print showing a couple attired in Quaker costume]

Philadelphia fashions, 1837. [graphic] / C.

French millinery, and fancy dress making establishment, / by Madame Gaubert, (from Paris,) No. 80 Walnut Street, first door below Fourth.

Life in Philadelphia. "Good evening Miss..." [graphic] / Monsr. [Clay], fec.

Promenade in Washington Square. [graphic].