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Cuneiform tablet

Ghost River : the fall and rise of the Conestoga / story, Lee Francis 4 ; art, Weshoyot Alvitre ; editor, Will Fenton.

Historic reflections in crochet / by Nicole H. Scalessa.

John C. Van Horne

The intellectual heritage of the constitutional era : the delegates' library / Jack P. Greene.

[Philadelphia Eagles football players Edward Herman, Dennis Harrison, and Woody Peoples entering the field at Veterans Stadium, Philadelphia]

Official first day of issue. Honoring Martin Luther King, 1929-1968. Distinguished civil rights leader. Recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. Black Heritage USA Series. [graphic]

Official first day of issue. Honoring Harriet Tubman, 1821-1913. Abolitionist. Nurse. Escaped slave. Black Heritage USA Series. [graphic]

Edwin Wolf 2nd

[Women and girls posed at Glendinning Rock Gardens, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia]

The Benjamin Franklin, the doorway to friendly hospitality, Philadelphia.

Edwin Wolf 2nd.

1815 Delancey Place, Philadelphia

Masonic Temple, Philadelphia.

[Children posed on lawn chairs]

[African American toddler and baby in a pile of cotton]

Crystal Palace. Industry of All Nations Exhibition. New York City, 1853

[American Legion parade, Broad Street, Philadelphia, August 30, 1949]

Philadelphia. Chestnut St. looking east from Broad St.

[Security Bank & Trust Company, Franklin Street and Girard Avenue, Philadelphia.] [graphic] / Parker & Mullikin, photographers, P.O. Box 275, Upper Darby, Pa.

Bladen's Court, looking south and out to Elfreth's Alley, Philadelphia, Pa.

Elfreth's Alley, looking west towards Second Street. Philadelphia, Pa.

Brice Showell

S. E. Corner 5th & Chestnut Sts. [graphic] / Parker & Mullikin Photographers, P.O. Box 275, Upper Darby, Pa.

Rear view - showing Chancellor Street [sic]. Rear of Drexel Building at S. E. corner of 5th & Chestnut. [graphic] / Parker & Mullikin Photographers, P.O. Box 275, Upper Darby, Pa.

The poets and poetry of Europe. :   With introductions and biographical notices.

[The dead fleet, Pier 76, between Mifflin and Snyder streets, South Philadelphia]

Hotel Colonial, Spruce at Eleventh Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

[Champion horse]

[58 Good Street, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[714-716 N. 10th Street, Philadelphia] [graphic].

1022 Chestnut Street (rear). [graphic].

Man and teenage boy standing in front of a brick house, Philadelphia.

Two little girls sitting on a wooden stoop, Philadelphia.

Infant in baby carriage with netting, Philadelphia.

[Christmas display in grand court of John Wanamaker department store, Philadelphia) [graphic].

M[arriott] C[anby, Jr.], Libby & Ruth on tandem bicycle, Madison, Wisconsin [graphic].

William Cramp & Sons shipyard, Delaware Avenue and Cumberland Street, Kensington, Philadelphia.

Piers on the Delaware River south of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge, South Philadelphia, Philadelphia.

Extreme aerial views of the Holmesburg section of Northeast Philadelphia, Philadelphia.

Dock Street and environs, Society Hill, Philadelphia.

Extreme aerial views southwest Philadelphia

[Delaware River looking north from Dock Street, Philadelphia.]

[Ships on the Delaware River, South Philadelphia, Philadelphia.]

Signing of the Declaration of Independence postcards.

5618 Girard Ave. [graphic] / Parker & Mullikin Photographers, P.O. Box 275, Upper Darby, Pa.

7231 Frankford Avenue. [graphic] / Parker & Mullikin Photographers, P.O. Box 275, Upper Darby, Pa.

7201-03-05-07 Frankford Ave. [graphic] / Parker & Mullikin Photographers, P.O. Box 275, Upper Darby, Pa.