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You talk so much of what you'll do

You're all aflame with woman's rights

A slave to Fashion's tyrant laws

Handsomest Girl in Town.

A Mantilla from your shoulder falls

Since, in this progressive age

Thou languishing young lady-bird

"Pray, what's the matter," said a friend to me

Her Own Admirer.

Dear, simpering, fascinating Miss.

Miss Affectation.

Among the women who in history brightest have shone.

Devoid of useless crinoline.

Abolitionist Philanthropist.

A Bull Run-ner.

You love the contrabands too much

My friend, I vow that I'm not over nice.

Tis evident you're far too fond of liquor

Jolly Jack

The Veteran.

The Veteran.

The Veteran.

Ha, ha! don't you think you're brave?

A Regular.

The Brave Volunteer.

A Northern Rebel.

Mr. Pill with a very long Bill.

Cease your sighing day and night.

Folks do say, my little drummer,

The Soldier.

U.S. Volunteer.

To a Recruiting Officer.

A Head for Military Distinction.

A Rebel.

The Officer who paid for his commission

The Soldier.

A Recruiting Officer.

Ladies, I learned to bow this way

The Wounded Soldier.

Return of a Three Year's Volunteer.

To a Heavy Dragoon.