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Thou lazy hussy

You ugly, low

You Darling Pet.

Your person reminds me

Your soul is in.

You’re a gentleman true

You’re Awful Nice!

Bloated and Ugly.

Hic, Hic, Hic.

The Hog Comes out

When I’m stuck

Who foolishly regards himself.

Why you silly

You think, no doubt

You think no doubt.

To a Blacksmith.

To a Bobby

To a Gossip.

To a Labourer.

To a Shopkeeper.

To a Waiter.

To a waiting maid.

 To be out of fashion

To be out of fashion

Ugliest of the fair

A Violin Player.

What is it?

What, my chap

When age comes on

With a fine hat

With sweet talking

A Bargain Second Hand

Bawling about the streets

Begone, you dirty

A Big Bloat.


Blue Ruin.

You are an ill

You Don't Look

Ah! now I

Alas, poor man,

Awkward, clumsy, bawling

A Baker.

The Baker

Blundering little hussy

Botch Sign Painter.

A Botch Tailor.

A Brainless Jackass.

The Butcher Boy.