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Eliza Y. McAllister

Jeff. Davis in prison. [graphic].

$100 bounty, back pay & pension office. / George W. Ford, 241 Dock St., below Third, adjoining the post office, Philadelphia, Pa. Bounty land, back pay, pension, prize money, state pay, and all other claims of soldiers, seamen, their widows or heirs, agai

$100. Bounty. Recruits wanted! For the regular army : Term of service 3 years only. Apply at 118 S. Second St / Lieut. C.H. Peirce, recruiting officer.

$100 bounty! Volunteers wanted to fill up Chormann's Rifle Ranger Regiment : now mustering into United States service. Head-quarters, 41 N. Sixth St. Pay commences at once.

The $1,000 baby house.

The $1,000 baby house.

$160 bounty and one month's pay in advance. : Bounty to cease and drafting to commence on the 15th of August. Recruits wanted for Company D, Col. Chapman Biddle's 121st Reg., P.V. $2 premium paid to each recruit on being mustered into service. / T.E. Zell

$160 bounty, and one month's pay in advance. Chapman Biddle's 121st Regiment, P.V. Company D. / T.E. Zell, recruiting officer. Apply at No. 431 Chestnut Street. (Turn over

$160 bounty, and one month's pay in advance. Chapman Biddle's 121st Regiment, P.V. Company F. / Lieut. J. Alfred Kay, is now recruiting at Bruner's Hotel, Germantown. (Turn over

$160 bounty! The Philadelphia Light Guard! : 145th Reg't P.V. Colonel E.W. Davis Recruits wanted for Company E of this regiment, now in camp. Recruiting station, Masonic Hall, Manayunk! / Capt. S. Wrigley, 1st Lieut. Jacob Heidenger, 2d Lieut. [blank]

$165 bounty! Recruits wanted for Co. G, Zouaves d'Afrique : Don't wait to be drafted! But volunteer at once. / Apply to Lieut. Joseph T. Lea, Falls of Schuylkill.

$2 cash when mustered in, and 100 dollars at the end of the war, : if honorably discharged, will be given for twenty men to fill Company K, Thirtieth Regiment, now in active service at Washington. Apply at Elliott Hotel, Front Street, above Dock. / Sergt.

$35 bounty! Fall in boys and get rid of the draft! : by joining Captain V. Marchal's company of the 1st Penn'a Chasseurs Union League Brigade! Six months service! Charles Lespes, Col. T. Ellwood Zell, Lieut. Col. Company head-quarters, 526 Prune St. / V.

$40 when enlisted Wanted! Active young men to fill up Company E, 116th Regiment, P.V. : Col. D. Heenan, com'g. 100 dollars bounty! One month's pay in advance; men mustered in and pay and rations to commence immediately. Recruiting station, 531 Chesnut St.