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1/2 merit

34th Street [sic], entrance to University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa.

[4300 Fleming Street, northwest corner of Roxborough Avenue, Philadelphia.]

5 merits. Punctuality. Attention. Dilligence.

[900 South 60th Street, West Philadelphia.]

A. E. Brown & Co., manufacturers of children and infants' shoes, Orwigsburg, Penna. A. E. Brown. J. A. Paul. P. W. Fegley.

A. L. Gerhart & Co.'s commission & forwarding warehouse, No. 365 Market Street.

A. S. Renner, carriage builder, Perkasie Station, N.P.R.R. Bucks Co., Pa.

A. Wright & Nephew, Vine Street Wharf, Delaware.

Academy of Music postcards.

Academy of Natural Science postcards.

Acker Quality Shop postcards.

Acker Quality Shop postcards.

Adams & Co's express. Eastern, Western, and Northern package express, for the conveyance of merchandise, specie, baggage, &c, &c, and insurance effected, whenever required on any package, to its full amount of value.

"All Aboard!" car on Philadelphia and West Chester Trolley.

Allemannia Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh, Pa. Jos. Abel, president. G.W. Hammer, secretary.

Allen & Needles, wholesale dealers in oil & guano. Agents for Kingsford & Sons starch. No. 41 South Water St. & No. 42 South Wharves, Philadelphia.

Amateur newspaper collection

American & Howe pin companies' adamantine pins.

American Hotel, S. M. Heulings proprietor, Chestnut Street bet. Fifth & Sixth, opposite Independence Hall, Philadelphia.

Anthony J. Drexel statue postcards.

The Apostle's Creed.

Arcade Building postcards.

Arch Street postcards.

Armory of First City Troops postcards.

Arnold mansion postcards.

The Art Club, the headquarters of the artistic life of the city.

Arthur Power Dudden collection of railroad, steamboat, and omnibus passes

Ask for Bell Bros. Co.'s sheep-lined coats and ulsters. Manufactured by Bell Bro's Co. Dubuque, Ia.

At the Tacony Ballpark after windstorm, March 27, 1911.

Autobuses on Roosevelt Boulevard, Philadelphia, Pa.