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“Universal family” Soapine, Kendall Mfg. Co., Providence, R.I. [graphic].

Zwei Lieder.

Zum Andenken. : Verschied dieses Lebens, am 22sten Mai 1851, in Maxatany, Berks Caunty, an einer langwierigen Auszehrung: Frau Esther Hermann, geliebte Ehegattin des Ehrw. Herrn Charles G. Hermann, reformirten Predigers von Kutztaun und Umgegend. Sie war

Zum Andenken.

Zouaves d'Afrique! Collis' regiment. Recruits wanted : $100 bounty! $25 of which will be paid when the regiment is mustered in and one month's pay and two dollars in advance. As it is intended to make this the superior regiment of the state, none but able

Zouaves d'Afrique, Col. Collis. Recruits wanted. : The splendid uniform of the original Zouaves, now body guard to Major-General Banks, will be worn by the regiment. $100 bounty, one month's pay, and $25 of the bounty in advance. Apply a N.W. cor. 6th and

Zouaves d'Afrique! Col. Collis.

Zouaves d'Afrique, Col. C.H.T. Collis. : This regiment is being actively recruited under the call from the governor of Pennsylvania, in response to the president's proclamation, for immediate active service. A fund which it is desired to increase to $5000

Zouaves battle march: op. 88; composed by Wm. Dressler.

Zouave with Union flag and sword envelope

Zouave with Union flag and bayonet envelope

Zouave with rifle envelope

Zouave schottisch.


Zouave attacking Confederate soldier woodcut

A Zouave.

A Zouave.


Zophiel or the bride of seven

A Zoolu warrior & his daughter [graphic] / Drawn on stone by W. Bagg ; Printed by Graf & Soret.

A Zoolu prophetess [graphic] / Drawn on stone by W. Bagg ; Printed by Graf & Soret.

Zoological recreations

Zoological Recreations

Zoological gardens, Philadelphia.

Zoological Garden - chimpanzee.

Zoe; ot The quadroon's triumph. : A tale for the times


Zion Lutheran Church postcards.

Zion German Presbyterian Church, 28th and Cabot Sts., Philadelphia, Pa. Rev. C.T. Albrecht, pastor.

Michael Zinman World's Fairs Collection

Michael Zinman Collection

Zevin, Ben D.

Zell, Christian

Zeigler, Harry D.


Zantzinger, Thomas B.

Zantzinger, George

Zantzinger, Ernst

Zantzinger, Adam

Zane, Isaac, Jr., 1743-1795

Zachary Taylor mourning ribbon

Zachariah Poulson, Jr.

Zachariah Poulson

Zachariah Poulson

Zachariah Chandler, 1813-1879 [graphic].

Zabiensky, Adolph Ferdinand