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[Young men's track team]

[Young African American woman]

[Young African American man, possibly slave Jerry Stevens, at Raceland Plantation, Dinwiddie, Virginia]

Young Africa.

Wrestling for a bride, Dahomey, Africa. [graphic].

[Working plaster sculpture of D.C. French and E.C. Potter Columbian Exposition statue of African American teamster with work horse]

[Woodshop class at Philadelphia Orthopedic School, 22nd & Brown Streets.]

[Women and girls posed at Glendinning Rock Gardens, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia]



"What do you all want to do wif dat pixture tak'en contraption"

Whack it off short Sam.

W.H. Seward

"We's done all dis s'mornin'." [graphic].

"We's done all dis s'mornin'." [graphic].

Wendell Phillips

We uses pears soap fo' de complexun

"Watching Grandma smoke"

A Virginia slave child in 1863

[Village street scene]

Views of Tuskegee Institute

Views of the Wilson family on their estate.

[View of operating room with Dr. J.H. Mudgett and African American men physicians and African American women nurses at a surgical procedure at Dr. J. H. Mudgett’s Private Hospital and Training School for Nurses, 2030 N. 13th Street, Philadelphia] [graphic

View in old park

Vegetable dealer Bermuda [graphic].

[Vegetable cultivation at demonstration center at Little Wakefield, Germantown]

An unpleasantness in Swampoodle

[United States Department of the Interior] Quartermasters Interior Depot, 21 and Oregon Ave., May 24, 1917 [sic]

Union Volunteer Refreshment Saloon and Hospital

[Unidentified young African American woman]

[Unidentified young African American woman]

[Unidentified young African American man]

[Unidentifed elderly African American man]

[Unidentified African American woman and boy]

[Unidentified African American woman]

[Unidentified African American man with a dog]

[Unidentified African American man in militia uniform] [graphic] / Cheston's 227 Lombard St., between 2d and 3d, Philadelphia.

[Unidentifed African American man]

[Unidentified African American man]

Uncle Ned's school [graphic].

Uncle Jimmie, Beaufort, S.C. [graphic] / Photographed by Wilson & Havens, Savannah, Ga.

Type "C" loader with swiveling belt conveyor storing coal at University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia


Two little nigs

Two dromios


The trombone soloist. [graphic] / William H. Rau, photographer, Philad'a., Pa.

Tobacco - Virginia

[Unidentified young African American woman]

[Unidentified young African American woman]