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Customer. "Rather cool weather Pete, for a close crop like that." Pete. "Can't help it Boss---the proprietor says long hairs gits in de wittles." [graphic].

Camp of 2d Penna. Infantry, "Anthony Wayne." Clifton Heights, Delaware Co. Pa. August 1889. (Major Porters tent) [graphic] : Lt. Col. O. C. Bosbyshell; Major Jno. Bieldles? [porter?]; George Brown (Colored.)

[B.F. Goodrich Rubber Company's national tire testing fleet at Lincoln Way garage, 52nd & Lancaster, West Philadelphia]

[Photographic reproduction of an allegorical view including Abraham Lincoln, a pavilion, and marching soldiers] [graphic] / P. Philipoteaux; Allen & Rowell, photographers, 25 Winter Street, Boston.

[Photographic reproductions of the Cartoon Printing Co. series after the 1878 Harper’s Weekly "Blackville" series “The Twins”] [graphic]/ McGreer.

Future rulers of Florida U.S.A. [graphic].

"The coon" wedding march

The trombone soloist. [graphic] / William H. Rau, photographer, Philad'a., Pa.

"We's done all dis s'mornin'." [graphic].

"We's done all dis s'mornin'." [graphic].

Midsummer dinner [graphic] / F. A. Nowell, No. 263 King Street, Charleston, S.C.; E. Perry, print.

A "corner in cotton." [graphic].

Cotton is king. Plantation scene, Georgia, U.S.A. [graphic].

"Does you love me hun?" [graphic].

Rapid transit in Southern Mississippi. [graphic].

[Portrait of Millie and Christine McCoy] [graphic] / Ollivier, [Photo]. New York.

"How do debble does dey make a bicycle?" = Como diablos se hacen los bicírculos? [graphic].

[Hand-in-Hand Fire Company fire fighters and steam engine in front of the company fire station at Ninth Street above Poplar Street, Philadelphia]

[Forrest Theatre prior to demolition for the construction of the Fidelity-Philadelphia Trust Company building at the southeast corner of Broad and Sansom streets, Philadelphia ]

Arthur Showell

Fannie Lawrence

An unpleasantness in Swampoodle

La Roche & Stahl florist shop, 1237 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia

Copy photograph of African American nanny

Link-Belt type "CF" loader furnished to Baugh & Sons Company, Philadelphia, for handling acid phosphate to power operated buggies.




(13) 1540.F





Lillie Showell

Sarah Showell

Brice Showell

Encampment [at Richmond]

Lippincott Mansion

St. Johns Episcopal Church's minstral club - graphic of minstral show April 12 and 13, 1901

Pennsylvania Rail Road Co. connecting bridge at Girard Ave.

[22nd Street, west side north of Market Street, Philadelphia]

Philadelphia Health Council. Camp Happy tents.

Commerce St. looking east from 21st St.

[Boys' music class]

[Procession of Poor Richard Club members down Locust Street, Philadelphia]

Philadelphia Divinity School 1931

Philadelphia Divinity School 1933

[Mr. Eckels, winner of Antique Derby at the 1934 Philadelphia Auto Show, with his automobiles, a 1892 Blackie Car and a "1934 Delage"]

[All Wars Memorial to Colored Soldiers and Sailors in West Fairmount Park, Philadelphia]

[All Wars Memorial to Colored Soldiers and Sailors in West Fairmount Park, Philadelphia]