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[Boy swimming in Rancocas Creek, NJ], Wood Hill Farm [graphic].

[Janet Morris] [graphic].

[Beulah Sansom Morris on a garden path], Haddonfield, [NJ] [graphic].

[Elliston Perot Morris Jr. and Marriott Canby Morris Jr. rolling large snowball] [graphic].

Avenue of trees back from house & our house & Cutler's [6708 Cresheim Road] [graphic].

[Thomas C. Potts, Janet Morris, Jane Rhoads Morris seated on chairs on lawn], On Rancocas, NJ [graphic].

Old house 5411 Main St. opp. Good St., [Germantown] [graphic].

Photo of the old Buttonwood tree [planted by Samuel B. Morris] at Market Square, Germantown, Phila. [graphic].

[Rabbit] [graphic].

[Swarming alligators] [graphic].

[Canoe carrying two men, Atsion River, New Jersey] [graphic].

Back view of 4774 Main St. before alteration of house for Dr. Gummey, [Germantown] [graphic].

715-17-19 Arch Street after fire of 2/23/1900 [graphic].

[Elliston Perot Morris] [graphic].

[Man in the water], New Lisbon, NJ or Willow Grove, PA [graphic].

[Four canoes on the] Rancocas Creek, NJ [graphic].

[Street scene, probably London] [graphic].

[Unidentified building, probably in Germantown] [graphic].

Marriott & Janet by tandem bicycle, Cedar Mer [Sea Girt, NJ] [graphic].

[Four boys and a man with a dog] Boys Parlors Camp, Wildwood, NJ [graphic].

[Wooded area, England] [graphic].

[Canoe with five passengers], Pocono Lake, PA [graphic].

[Woman doing handiwork] [graphic].

[Elliston Perot Morris Jr. and Marriott Canby Morris Jr. sledding, 131 W. Walnut Lane] [graphic].

[Woman and children outside a cottage, probably England] [graphic].

Elliston [Perot Morris Jr.] and Marriott [Canby Morris Jr.] at Atlantic City [graphic].

Janet Morris at seat around Ash Tree 131 [W. Walnut Lane, Philadelphia] [graphic].

J[ane] R[hoads] M[orris] & J[anet] M[orris], backyard, 131 W. Walnut La[ne], [Philadelphia] [graphic].

[Janet Morris and Elliston Perot Morris in garden], Rose Time at 131 W. Wal[nut] [graphic].

[Two men work on canoes], Down Rancocas, [NJ] [graphic].

View of Dole, France. Copy [graphic].

[Man fishing in a river] [graphic].

1227 + 1229 Market St., [Philadelphia, PA] [graphic].

131 W. Walnut Lane, [Germantown, PA] [graphic].

Children lined up at 131 W. Walnut La[ne], [Philadelphia] [graphic].

[Jane Rhoads Morris and Janet Morris near rosebush], Rose Time at 131 W. Wal[nut Lane] [graphic].

[Janet Morris] [graphic].

Janet Morris, Sarah Potts, Nonya Rhoads, 131 W. Walnut La[ne], [Philadelphia] [graphic].

[Marriott Canby Morris Jr., Jane Rhoads Morris, Janet Morris, and Elliston Perot Morris Jr. on a porch], Pocono Lake, [PA] [graphic].

Janet Morris "on the 4th" 131 W. Wanut La[ne], [Philadelphia] [graphic].

J[ane] R[hoads] M[orris] with J[anet] M[orris] & M[arriott] C[anby] M[orris] Jr. 131 W. Walnut La[ne], [Philadelphia] [graphic].

E[lliston] P[erot] M[orris] Jr. & M[arriott] C[anby] M[orris] Jr. "Parading", 131 W. Walnut La[ne], [Philadelphia] [graphic].

[Marriott Canby Morris Jr. and Elliston Perot Morris Jr. with a large bell], Pocono Lake, [PA] [graphic].

[Group outside a cabin] Pocono Lake [PA] [graphic].

6706 Cresheim Rd, [Germantown, PA] [graphic].

[Janet Morris climbing a ladder], Pocono Lake, [PA] [graphic].

Janet Morris in yard, 131 W. Walnut La[ne], [Philadelphia] [graphic].

[Avenue of trees back from house, 6706 Cresheim Road] [graphic].

[Sledding ramp, 131 W. Walnut Lane] [graphic].

Rear of home, [Deshler-Morris House] 5442 G[erman]t[ow]n Ave, [Philadelphia] [graphic].